Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire #2 Review

Writer: Clay McLeod Chapman

Artists: Manuel Garcia, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Protobunker’s Dono Sanchez-Almara & Fer Sifuentes-Sujo

Publisher: Marvel

Release date: February 23rd, 2022

Price: $3.99

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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In Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire #2, we find US Agent asking Kingpin for a job, under the pretense of keeping Kingpin’s task force in line. This issue primarily focuses on US Agent’s inner struggle and we see him wrestling with his own motives. It is clear that he wants to take down Fisk, but he is doubting whether he is fully committed to the task. Chapman does a good job of making US Agent seem intimidating on the surface, while questioning his motives deep down.


The artwork is solid throughout Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire #2. There are a few notable action scenes, some more gruesome than I personally felt were necessary, but there were some good panels featuring US Agent in action, going up against Fisk’s task force as well as the hypnotized citizenry. The panel that stuck out the most to me was the one that seem to parody the famous panel from the Amazing Spider-Man #50, which could also serve to parallel US Agent’s self-doubts with that of Peter Parker.


Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire #2 does a good job at helping the reader understand the motives and mentality of US Agent, but it doesn’t really expand upon the team established in the first issue. I wish we could’ve seen more of their interaction amongst themselves. I think I suspect who might be controlling the minds of the masses though. Could it be none other than the pretentious Purple Man? And if so, what beef might he have with the Kingpin?


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