Dead Lucky #10 Review

Writer: Melissa Flores

Artist: French Carlomagno

Colorist: Mattia Iacono

Letterer: Becca Carey

Cover Artists: French Carlomagno; Stefano Simeone

Publisher: Image

Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 8, 2023

When Morrow personnel tried to apprehend Pyre, he turned Fisherman’s Wharf into a warzone. Bibi brought her Ghost Squad to stop the fighting, but someone activated an Artificial Intelligence Destruction protocol. This command authorizes lethal force. Bibi and Pyre stand back-to-back as the Morrowbots close in. Can they withstand the robots’ attack? Let’s charge into Dead Lucky #10 and find out!

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Jimmi Morrow promised to make the streets of San Francisco safe. But after six months, the curfew remains in place. With the Morrowbots deploying deadly force, the Mayor wants to cancel Morrow’s contract. Jimmi’s assistant has run the company since he contracted a fatal illness. Korin tries to get his advice, but he’s withdrawn into himself. Until his laboratory can replicate the mysterious substance that empowered Bibi and Pyre, Jimmi can’t be bothered.

As for Bibi and Pyre, they’re taking the fight to the Morrowbots. After Pyre’s buddy Stoker fell amid the fight, Bibi pulled him out of harm’s way. But Pyre doesn’t care how much chaos he unleashes. He would raze San Francisco to watch Morrow burn. Unfortunately, Bibi’s problems grow when someone activates a second A. I. D.

In Dead Lucky #10, Melissa Flores weaves a large cast in an intricate dance. Some characters—like Bibi, Maria, and Valentine—are so complex it’s hard to know what they want at any given moment. Others—like Stoker and Bibi’s Salvation Gang team—seem superfluous. Like its predecessor, the tightly packed installment delivers a mix of drama and excitement. If the series must end with issue 12, it seems likely to go out with a bang!


French Carlomagno fills panels with attractive characters in realistic settings. Some panels could speak more clearly, such as when Bibi cares for Stoker. As one panel features a member of the Salvation Gang, it seems the team survived its mission in Jordan. Hooray! Some changes between panels seem abrupt, such as when Pyre stands alone on a roof looking in one direction. In the next panel, Stoker stands by his side, the men face a different direction, and another character has appeared nearby. The biggest plus in Dead Lucky #10 is the robots. In addition to the elegant, feminine civilian robots, this issue introduces a muscular, masculine model that oozes meanness.

Mattia Iacono’s vibrant colors energize action scenes and celebrate San Francisco’s thriving artistic community. The fluorescent coloring salutes a city as striking and unique as the uniform Georgia designed for Bibi. Dead Lucky #10 features uppercase black letters in white dialogue balloons with adequate spacing between lines. Red-letter robot utterances are small but rare. Big blue block letters announce location changes. Becca Carey’s sound effects enhance battles while never drawing attention away from those who struggle to keep the peace or merely stay alive. Thanks to Image for providing a copy to review.

Final Thoughts

When a billionaire loses interest in his technological empire, someone transforms his creations into soulless killers in Dead Lucky #10.


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