Bolero #2 Review

Writer:  Wyatt Kennedy
Art:  Luana Vecchio
Letterer:  Brandon Graham
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $5.99
Release Date: February 23rd, 2022

Bolero #2 continues Devyn Dagny’s story, as she begins hopping across the multiverse to find the perfect world where she and Natasha can finally be together.  It’s an odyssey through several universes, some startling, others hilarious, and all of them, like this book, are amazing.

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The Story

Last issue, we were introduced to Devyn Dagny and her supporting cast, including her girlfriend Natasha, and we see the two’s relationship and their tragic breakup in beautiful fashion, with a knockout ending of Devyn being offered the chance to be with Natasha forever via a multiversal door that will let her “hop” to 53 different universes, until she finds the one that will give her and Natasha a perfect happy ending.

In this issue, we go along for the ride as Devyn hops to several universes, including a Studio Ghibli style universe and a medieval universe where Devyn is the right-hand warrior to Natasha, who’s a Joan of Arc type commander of the forces.  Devyn “hops” to a surprising number of universes throughout this issue, and the issue moves at a furious pace.  Given that Devyn’s limited to 53 “hops”, it makes me wonder if Devyn will ultimately try to exceed that limit when we get near the conclusion of this mini-series.
Devyn continues to be a fun and interesting character, and the added twist to her “hops” is that her gender can change depending on what universe she goes to, she switches between male and female, but each time, she ends up either frustrated or with a broken heart again.

It’s also fun to see the different variations of Natasha, who in most cases is the more dominant of the two.  Since Devyn is the only constant throughout the book, we have to see Natasha through her eyes, and Devyn always seems to be Natasha’s suitor, assistant, or right-hand person.

The book, though playful and humorous at times, doesn’t shy away from being brutal, gory, and violent either.  Towards the end of the issue, Devyn “hops” to a universe ruled by a cult of human-cat hybrids, and suffers pretty devastatingly at their hands.
I’ve enjoyed Devyn’s exploits so far and the issue ends with a twist that leaves me wondering what’s going to happen next with her quest.

The Art

Luana Vecchio’s art shines again in Bolero #2, first with the cover, where we see Devyn in her many incarnations, then inside the issue, where Devyn’s art style changes to capture each of the universes where Devyn “hops” to.   It perfectly captures the mood of each section of the book, ranging from the playfulness and pageantry of a “Jane Austen” style universe to the bloody grim warfare and steel of the “Joan of Arc” universe.

Final Thoughts

Bolero #2 is a fun and, at times, bone-chilling journey, that anyone who’s ever experienced unrequited love can identify with.  It’s bold and innovative, with art that bursts off the page, and lots of supplemental material is also provided by the artist and writer.  It’s a great package and I can’t wait for the next issue.


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