Batman: The Knight #9 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia, and Pat Brosseau

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: September 20th, 2022

Bruce Wayne has trekked the globe discipling from the best in order to be the very best. However, the time for learning is over. And, it looks like his first real test will be against the Demon’s Head himself! It’s all piled up to this moment right here. Let’s dive into Batman: The Knight #9 by Chip Zdarsky as we finally see the culmination of everything that’s been leading to this very moment and why.

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It’s the build-up we’ve wanted to see since Batman: The Knight began. The introduction to Ra’s, the training involved, and the culmination of what truly makes a Batman. Zdarsky gives fans all of that and more in this week’s Batman: The Knight #9. However, even with the training and tension within this week’s tale, the best aspects of the story were the narration from Bruce. I absolutely loved hearing his thoughts and how persuasive Ra’s vision was to him. Seeing Bruce make sense of the League and what it stands for not only rings true for so many in our culture today but it even came across as almost intoxicating to Bruce.

Moreover, I loved the infusion of The Still and why Ra’s sought out for Bruce in the first place. Zdarsky adds depth and context to the backstory and makes this issue feel like Bruce is telling the reader this tale as if we were there alongside him. My only knock on Batman: The Knight #9 is how fast the pacing appears to be. It’s almost as if we‘re at the pivotal juncture involving Bruce’s stay with the League. I feel like his time here should be at least a six-issue arc alone. Give this the time and focus everyone wants to see. More training, fighting, and strain which ultimately will lay a much stronger foundation between these two families that’s even connected the entire way through to the present day in Batman vs. Robin.


The sharp edges and thicker line work make for a rough appearance that’s not terrible by any stretch. However, it just lacks a sense of smoothness and realism that I’d prefer. Yet even with my preferences not being met, I can still see the outstanding job this creative team does, especially by adding the tension with their design.

Additionally, the color transitions and choices between the background and the characters really helped the pages come to life along with their surroundings. Nevertheless, with all the positives do come a few negatives. Talia’s renderings were a bit funky. Her hair came across as plastered on her face or even sometimes seemed to resemble heavy sideburns instead of actual long hair. Her depiction would be the biggest alteration I would make heading into the next issue of Batman: The Knight.


Batman: The Knight #9 was a well-balanced issue filled with action, suspense, and heavy background that worked these two families together from the beginning. Readers discover “the why” Bruce is there from both sides while receiving a truly intoxicating look into the League of Assassins and Ra’s vision. Furthermore, I love the influx involved throughout this series that intertwines Ghost-Maker, Batman, and Ra’s together.

The essence and creativity of rewriting continuity in a genuine way to make the pieces fit together logically are very impressive by Zdarsky. Readers will be enthralled from start to finish. I highly recommend picking up Batman: The Knight #9, as well as grabbing up as many back issues as you can to get caught up. It’s definitely one of the best Batman titles on the market today and is certainly the best Batman book this week! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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