Batman: The Detective #3 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson, Clem Robins, and Sandra Hope

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 8th, 2021

Henri Ducard is a paradox with a tainted past and an arduous existence. Yet, what profound relationship does he have with Bruce Wayne? What discourses did he teach the man who would become BATMAN? Can BATMAN use these lessons to save Ducard’s life or will Equilibrium strike again? Let’s dive into BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE #3 by Tom Taylor to find out!

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Did you ever wonder how Bruce Wayne became such a good tracker? How has he always been so good at finding people? Well, in this week’s issue of BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE #3, Tom Taylor introduces fans to the backstory between Bruce Wayne and Henri Ducard’s first meeting and training. Readers will discover a bullheaded and arrogant teenage boy working alongside a manhunter for the sole purpose of becoming the best.

Taylor walks readers through a step-by-step Flashback filled with a collage of endeavors and ambitious ventures with Ducard by his side. It’s a backstory that I’ve never heard before, which is why it’s so intriguing to this BATMAN fan. We’ve heard how he’s trained physically within the martial arts numerous times. Nevertheless, how did he hone his detective skills? Taylor is taking fans on a small ride that dives deeper into the brooding relationship that’s already been established between Bruce and Ducard yet with a more thorough understanding.

Furthermore, this issue of BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE is incredibly face-paced amongst all the moving pieces while driving home the similarities and differences between Bruce and Ducard. We even see a strong reason instilled by Ducard that in turn helped develop the concept of having a ROBIN. Readers, there is a ton of meat on this bone to fill you up and add depth to a character that’s been around for over 80 years. Think about how difficult that must be. To make a story or to dive deeper into a perspective of a character that has so much history…. It’s got to be challenging. Yet, Taylor makes it look easy.


Andy Kubert’s Bruce Wayne is one of the best parts of this entire series. BATMAN fans usually expect this thinly muscular man that resembles a gymnast who focuses on the mental more than the physical. However, Kubert depicts Bruce as thick, rugged, angry, and massive. From his hair cut, to how he opens a door, Bruce Wayne is intense.

And keep in mind, I’m not talking about BATMAN here. I’m talking about Bruce Wayne. Kubert’s Wayne is almost hulking in size and stature. Plus, I absolutely love this DARK KNIGHT RETURNS look for BATMAN. Even his boots are huge $&@$ kickers made for a purpose. Kubert’s BATMAN is formidable, intimidating, and massive. This depicts Taylor’s version of BATMAN as not only intelligent from his Flashback introductions with Ducard but also powerful and alarmingly dangerous to deal with. This version of BATMAN would instill fear without a doubt.


BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE #3 is centered around the backstory of Bruce Wayne and Henri Ducard. Taylor provides fans with an intensely powerful story that adds depth to BATMAN’S detective talents in a way that’s interesting, clever, and unique to the character. I highly recommend BATMAN fans grabbing this comic, finding the back issues, and adding this series to your pull list. It’s exactly the BATMAN story we need right now. Plus, Kubert and Taylor are coming into their own as a sharp dynamic duo of talent within this series. Moreover, any fan could pick up this issue and dive right in with enough understanding to still appreciate the issue. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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