Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #17 Review

Writer: Mark Waid

Art: Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain, and Steve Wands

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: July 19th, 2023

World War A.I. hits its climax, guest-starring dozens of DC heroes in a war against Newmazo and his machines that will determine the fate of humanity—and lay threads for a menace that will soon pop up in the pages of Shazam! Let’s dive into Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #17 by Mark Waid as this story arc wraps!

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More heroes come and more heroes’ powers get used against them by Newmazo as Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest #17 begins to wrap. What fans realize immediately is that the only thing the Justice League has in their favor is sheer numbers. However, the conundrum they find themselves in is that Newmazo mimics powers more efficiently and can use multiple powers at once while retaining past powers. Meaning, he’s more powerful and even more unbeatable than the original Amazo, which caused some concern for this reviewer.


Now, why the concern? The problem writers tend to have anymore is the ability to paint themselves into a corner. They spend five-plus issues digging a hole so deep that it’s practically impossible to find their way out. Then, by some twisted, magical fit of luck, they find their way out using some plot point never navigated before. I worried that the very same was transpiring in Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest #17. However, as you read, you’ll see that Waid was guiding fans to the solution all along.

My goodness, Waid creates an exciting story that reminds me of some good old fashion action and adventure stories that creative teams have been missing lately. Recently, it’s been one story that leads into another and another. It never just ends with an all-encompassing story from start to finish with some sturdy bookends. Anymore, it always needs some end-credit scene or teaser for something else. But Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest #17 just feels different and self-contained. And I love it!

Nevertheless, Waid uses some clever mechanical twists that make a ton of sense in order to bring this story to a close. And that readers is the key, the reveal made sense! Plus, it was set up slyly throughout the past couple of issues of Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest. Readers, I don’t need my hand held BUT I do want actual clues dropped that the writer reveals throughout which will guide me logically to the proper conclusion. Waid does that masterfully with class and elegance. Moreover, he provides fans with the perfect snapshot of future stories with little to no spoilers or teasers.


I’ve probably said this before in prior reviews, but Dan Mora knows how to draw action comics and superheroes. Fans of action figures should notice how he poses his characters in such a way that should remind every reader of a time long ago when they made up their own stories with their own action figures. Mora’s character design is always so crisp, neat, and powerful. However, the Saturday Morning Cartoon vibe doesn’t just come from Waid, Mora’s mainly reasonable for that design and feel. Together with Bonvillain’s eye-popping color palette, this art team complements Waid’s story beautifully.


Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest #17 is exactly what comics are missing today. It was logical, action-packed, balanced its cast of characters well, and did so with dignity and class. With Waid, the characters and emotion are the big bits with a super heavy plot almost nonexistent. Additionally, anyone who’s new to comics might not notice, but Waid writes FOR the artist. He sets the art team up beautifully to jointly tell the story well which is exactly what happened throughout Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest. Yet, it’s the subtly beneath the surface that involves Waid’s sheer knowledge of the content and history that spearheads the execution of Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest #17.

It’s that history and foundation that relieves the pressure off the reader, puts it squarely on his shoulders to tell, and properly explodes it off the page to the reader. The best way to describe Waid, as well as Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest #17 and this series, is that it’s the perfect getaway adventure for any comic fan. DC Comics, if you’re reading this, I highly recommend making this story an animated movie! But, let Waid guide the entire thing and I promise it will be a hit. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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