Batman: Fortress #6 Review

Writer: Gary Whitta

Art: Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez, and Simon Bowland

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 25th, 2022

Having finally located the Fortress of Solitude, Batman and his hastily assembled allies quickly discover that it is as deadly as it is awe-inspiring. With an alien force holding the world hostage while the heroes hunt for Superman, can the Dark Knight find a weapon to repel the invaders? Or will his ragtag team succumb to dysfunction and betrayal before they can save the world? Let’s dive into Batman: Fortress #6 by Gary Whitta and find out!

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Stupid jokes about being wet and comic relief from a Green Lantern Rodent open this issue of Batman: Fortress #6 in an almost tone-deaf fashion. However, just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, a battle ensues with a frost giant that is somehow defeated by a Looney Tunes level Acme weight of 100 tons created by none other than the very same Rodent Green Lantern who appears to be the writer’s favorite character.

Readers, Batman: Fortress #6 has escalated towards a wacky, elementary children’s book. Now, this would be fine if that was the writer’s intent. Sadly, I don’t think that’s the case nor do I think it ever was. And after a wonderfully corny teamwork pep talk from Batman, the team moves forward into even more escape room fun. With everyone’s suits, powers, and abilities running out, Batman oddly engineers some funky ways through the Fortress in what come across as overly unrealistic. Plus, the artwork doesn’t line up well with the climatic moments at all causing some major questions for the readers throughout the issue.

Look, I’m really trying here. I want to like this. When it began, this sucker oozed potential. Alien invasion, Justice League captured, Superman missing, and now a break-in at the Fortress of Solitude. On the surface, the ideas all sound fantastic. However, the characters are too flat and have no substance. Like an onion they need layers. But, the only layers on display in Batman: Fortress is made-up quips, jokes, and dialogue that don’t match the main characters at all. And ultimately, Batman: Fortress #6 reads like a D&D session where the Dungeon Master just quickly throws something new at the party on the spot.

At this point, what’s been going on with the Alien Invasion? Is the Justice League still alive or just captured? And even if Batman and his team break into the Fortress (which we are told has tech thousands of years more advanced than ours), then what? I can already assume the next issue will end with them finding Superman trapped somehow. Then, the following issue or two will be all about freeing Superman. And finally, the last issue or two of Batman: Fortress will center around Superman stopping the invasion single-handedly. Does all this seem to fit the premise right now? And as much I could sit here and continue to harp on the illustrations, I won’t. Simply look back at my older reviews of Batman: Fortress where I focus more on why I don’t like the art throughout the series.


Batman: Fortress still somehow has me reading this series mainly because I’ve invested time and energy into the series and I want to know what’s going to happen. However, I’m not hanging in there because the writing is stellar or because the art tickles my fancy. That is certainly not the case. The characters have no teeth, the dynamic is flat, the comedic tones don’t work, the characters act very little like how they should, the plot threads read like an escape room, and the art lacks depth and texture.

If you haven’t jumped on board yet, I would recommend staying off the wagon. Batman: Fortress #6 doesn’t provide a solid place to hop in nor should you at this point. I’d personally hop way off if I wasn’t so dang stubborn. But I’d recommend readers to mosey along and forget about this book. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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