Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #1 Review

Writers: Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art: Max Dunbar and Sebastian Cheng (colorist)

Publisher: DC Comics                             

Price: $4.99

Release Date: July 25th, 2023

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Returning to the world of Neo-Gotham comes a schway new adventure! Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #1 is the first in a miniseries that serves as a sequel to last year’s Batman Beyond: Neo-Year miniseries. If you missed that series, this is a version of Batman Beyond where Bruce Wayne has died and Terry comes into his own taking on the mantle of Batman full time, no longer having a mentor. The last series showed new villains who hadn’t appeared in the show, and most of Terry’s loved ones having relocated to different cities. Picking up where the previous series left off, we see the return of old friends and foes alike, such as Terry’s mother, Mary, as well as cameos from the supervillains Inque and Shriek. The scene where Terry receives a call from his mother and her mention of Dana while his new girlfriend Beam was silently in the room with him will disappoint those who ship Terry and Dana as a couple, but also shows Terry’s character development. It’s also cool to see the gangs of supervillain-inspired punks have apparently expanded from the Jokerz gang to a group devoted to Professor Pyg. We’re also introduced to a member of the catbois, teen and young adult guys who are devoted to Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman, and have been spliced with feline DNA. This issue also seems to suggest that Terry is trying to stop a child trafficking ring, which is an important issue for this comic to be tackling.


The art team from Batman Beyond Neo-Year continues in Batman Beyond Neo-Gothic #1. While the art doesn’t strictly resemble the animation style of the show, it is still cool how they are able to capture the technologically-advanced Gotham City in juxtaposition with the run-down Old Gotham of yesteryear, showing the dichotomy between the two. There is a fantastic panel which shows this contrast very well.  It also shows crime alley with a nod to Bruce Wayne’s beginnings as Batman, as a movie theater marquee is shown with a decimated sign that astute readers can still tell once read, “The Mark of Zorro.” There also various splicers with different animal DNA.  We also see a character who appears to have utilized Bane’s venom drug. It’s interesting that he has tubes like the original Bane, rather than “slapper” patches like how Bane’s drug was distributed in the show.


Batman Beyond Neo-Gothic #1 is a good continuation of this series that allows us to see Terry on his own, and operating as Batman without any more guidance. While Bruce was often a loner, Terry usually had some people to rely on such as his family, his girlfriend Dana, and ally Max Gibson. Now, he’s pushed them all away and with Barbara Gordon retiring, he really has to adjust to working mostly on his own, save for his stalwart new girlfriend, Beam, and Gestalt, who remains in the Batcave and functions as the Batcomputer. But pushing his loved ones away has made Terry bit more determined but also somewhat discouraged at the same time. In any event, this comic expands upon the Beyond-verse nicely with many new characters, both allies and enemies.


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