Batman #128 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: October 4th, 2022

Failsafe will stop at nothing to take down the Batman including any family or friends of the Batman that get in its way. However, Bruce needs to find a way to regroup and take a breather in order to figure out just how he can stop Failsafe before his friends all begin to suffer in its wake. Let’s dive into Batman #128 by Chip Zdarsky as Batman flees to the last spot on the planet he can hide… or so he thinks.

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Batman #128 is reminiscent of Brother Eye meets Tower of Babel in a new, condensed format that’s action-packed from start to finish. Zdarsky clutters this issue with Justice League members, diabolical twists, and intense drama keeping fans on a continuous high. Combine Batman #128’s intensity with the perfect amount of narration and absolutely vibrant illustrations, and Batman fans are probably looking at one of the best Batman issues in the past 128 issues. No lie!

If I could also take the time to focus on the narration, I feel that it adds a special element to the issue. What readers will discover is a new, compassionate, and frankly more human Batman. His care for Superman almost as if he’s a brother was outstanding. And the moment he shares with Tim Drake made Batman come across as less of a $&@& and more like a loving Father.


Now, some may argue that the similarities between this “Future State” of robot control mixed with an updated Tower of Babel are unoriginal and lacks creativity. And I get that perspective. However, I would also argue as similar as the concepts are, they’re also a bit different AND sped up so as to not be the entire focus of the Failsafe arc. Readers, everyone pulls from somewhere. Everyone gets ideas from past literature. And if we’re being honest, 83 years of stories are bound to trickle over into your thought processes as you’re creating new Batman tales.


Jorge Jimenez and Tomeu Morey help Zdarksy blend the perfect amount of action and vibrant color with a solid story. If anything, these two take more of the harnesses this month as the cast of characters and explosive battles are ramped up a couple of notches.

The action sequences alone were well thought out and showcased such vivid moments to truly bring this issue to life. This art team treated this issue of Batman as if it was an action scene straight from a movie. Plus, the detail within each panel was outstanding. From the background screams as Robin escapes with Batman and Superman to the grimacing pain in Bruce’s face, Batman #128 has it all… and then some. Yet, it’s this art team that throws this puppy over the top!


If you’re interested in a Batman story that’s jumpin’ right from page one, Batman #128 is it! From its special guests to its emotional moments, this high-octane rollercoaster doesn’t stop until the end. Additionally, the action is top-notch and the play-by-play narration from Batman, while Superman is taking on Failsafe, was some incredibly impressive writing. Combine all of the above with some wildly powerful illustrations from this creative crew and fans will find one of the most entertaining issues in the past 128.

Readers, I can’t recommend Zdarsky’s run enough. I think DC may have found their Batman writer for the foreseeable future. And with that said, if you aren’t on board Batman now, I highly recommend you use this issue as the catalyst to see exactly what you’ve been missing. Pick up Batman #128, get any and all back issues from Zdarsky’s run, and thank me later. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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