A.X.E.: Judgment Day #1 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Art: Valerio Schiti, Mark Brooks, Marte Garcia, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Sabine Rich

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: 5.99

Release Date: July 13th, 2022

The X-MEN assert that they’re the earth’s new gods. However, the ETERNALS feel that role has already been filled. Yet, the AVENGERS are about to discover precisely how many secrets their friends have suppressed from them over these past few seasons. Let’s dive into A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 as years of friction signal a volcanic explosion that leaves two kingdoms to burn. Meanwhile, the problems don’t stop there between these three factions. Who has circulated the X-MEN’S secrets to their latest enemies? And, why is Tony Stark kidnaping a former comrade? Moreover, who sits in judgment over the entire world? Come sink your teeth into A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 by Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti as the apocalyptic volatile phenomenon to depict summer finally kicks off.

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“We are the world’s, new gods.” This is quoted straight from CABLE’S mouth from the opening pages of this issue. It’s no wonder humanity fears mutants. Heck, it’s no wonder any species on earth, including the ETERNALS, fears the mutants. In this new “Hickman Era”, mutants have created a nation, brought mutants from another dimension back to ours, established and colonized a planet placing them there, and conquered death itself. I believe that captures what mutants have done recently.

And in return, mutants offer medicine to give humanity longer life and cures for diseases. Sounds fair, right? But what comes next? Now, I’m not siding with Orchis or the ETERNALS, or even the AVENGERS. I’m just painting a picture that I think Kieron Gillen is also trying to display to fans. A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 lays down that vibe and orchestrates the pieces that have culminated to this point masterfully. And might I add does so in such a way that many new readers to AVENGERS, X-MEN, or even the ETERNALS could hop on board a reasonably follow along.

Gillen actually weaves these three factions together in a genius way suggesting that mutants ARE IN FACT Deviants. Therefore, the ETERNALS should have disposed of them centuries before which helps explain more of their power sets, how mutants intertwine into the fabric of MARVEL COMICS, and frankly makes a ton of sense. Now, will this stand the test of MARVEL scripture? We will have to wait to see that answer. However, while we wait Gillen offers up fantastic story beats that drive the focus of A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1.

Yet readers, the story gets even better. Uranos, the… Great Uncle of THANOS, is entering into the story. And along with his entry comes an entire backstory which you can find hints of throughout Gillen’s ETERNALS run. More importantly, readers can sense a big bad when they see it. And Uranos is something fierce! Fans interested in an onslaught between the mutants and ETERNALS need to get their popcorn ready! It kicks off well and it’s special. Instantly, as soon as the fight breaks out, Gillen makes it raw, and real and provides so much definition to the story prior. For the first time in quite a long time, this feels like a true event making this reviewer so dang happy.

Nevertheless, the sheer intensity doesn’t stop there. Sure, the mutants can be resurrected BUT what if you could stop that from happening? You see, the ETERNALS will always be resurrected as long as the planet exists. Yet, the mutants need something special to transpire in order to be revivified. And this reviewer has wondered since HOXPOX, what happens if you “destroy the circuit”? What happens if even one of the five dies? Or more than one? Does resurrection cease to exist for mutants? Well, Gillen dangles these very thoughts right in front of readers raising the level of intensity to brand new heights in both recent ETERNALS books as well as X-MEN titles.

However, I left A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 with only one complaint… and that’s the ending of the first issue. Granted, I love the wrap-around and construction of this issue by Gillen. It’s lights out! I love seeing how Gillen utilizes all aspects of MARVEL COMICS making this a true event for a multitude of fans. Heck, this also shows how in tune with readers Gillen is. He reads comics… WHAT A THOUGHT!!! He’s paying attention to AVENGERS, X-MEN, and his own ETERNALS history over the past three-ish years and is weaving it all together making A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY worth EVERYONE’S time. Nevertheless, the way this issue ends was a bit confusing nor do I see how the AVENGERS/ Ajak’s idea will stop this war between the ETERNALS and mutants. Granted, I like how it connects to the AVENGERS but I don’t see the forest through the trees. Still, given time, I’m sure Gillen will connect the dots well.


As of right now, this review is already longer than I wanted. However, I feel my points were valid and needed to be stated in order to entice fans to get on board this event immediately. Nevertheless, I’m just going to quickly touch on the art overall. Valerio Schiti leads this staff with experience and expertise, which shouldn’t shock anyone as to how amazing A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 should look. However, I would just like to point out a few things that elevate this story to all new levels. This comic is busy. Tons of characters, loads of action, and immense dialogue are all jammed into this issue. It’s a lot to juggle and Schiti does it with ease. Readers get the AVENGERS, ETERNALS, the X-MEN, THANOS, and even Uranos all up in this incredibly explosive issue. And Schiti piles it on with crisp, vibrant, illustrations that are so powerful and drive home the gravity of this event. Fans will leave A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 with high expectations thanks to Schiti and his art team.


MARVEL COMIC fans should be energized for A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1. It feels like a legit event. If we walk it back, WAR OF THE REALMS was a reasonable attempt, as well as KING IN BLACK. However, they didn’t connect the entire landscape of MARVEL COMICS as well as they should have. EMPYRE was an odd, externally created event that was frankly one of the worst I’ve seen in decades. And follow that up with the likes of X OF SWORDS, HEROES REBORN, and DEVIL’S REIGN showcasing MARVEL’S focus on one key area of the MARVEL UNIVERSE. Nevertheless, Gillen finds a way to weave a huge chunk of MARVEL altogether providing fans from multiple walks of comic life over the past three to five years a means to want to read an actual event.

Moreover, Gillen sets up and explains the event masterfully. Readers will leave understanding where each faction delineates from and what they gain from this event. Readers will see true ramifications for once making the story feel like it carries weight. Plus, A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 is intense, action-packed, we’ll defined, easy to follow, and filled with energy thanks to Schiti and this art team. Other than not completely understanding how Sinister, Ajak and the AVENGERS fit into the picture quite yet, I’d say this issue is a must-buy to any and all current MARVEL COMIC readers and fans. Plus, new readers looking for an exciting event to pique their interests should totally give this a try. I highly recommend A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 and think this needs to be on everyone’s pull list post haste. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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