Titans United #1 Review

Writer: Cavan Scott

Art: Jose Luis, Jonas Trindade, Rex Lokus, Carlos M. Mangual

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 14, 2021

Cavan Scott and José Luís kick off TITANS UNITED #1 this week as this creative committee pulls together a team reminiscent of the TV TITANS. Their mission: to stop Cyclops… well, that’s at least what it initially felt like. With all joking aside, it was rather difficult to lose that impression right out of the gate. However, Scott and Luís manage to quickly redirect the ship and provide a fun opening installment that furnishes a pretty strong feel for the characters. Let’s dive into this opening installment of TITANS UNITED and see what shakes out!

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The biggest “wow factor” of the issue is probably the cast of characters. From SUPERBOY, to NIGHTWING, RED HOOD, and even HAWK AND DOVE, it’s obvious that Scott intended to pull from the TV series eclectic group. However, to DC COMIC fans who’ve been invested in recent comic development, it does provide a bit of confusion. You see, the crew may look like the TV TITANS lineup but they act more like the comic book characters. So, I found myself first confused as to what continuity this story takes place. And frankly, I still have my doubts.

Nevertheless, Scott does a fantastic job getting everyone involved in the story rather quickly. Yet, the premise is surrounded by this unknown character who appears to be stealing the team’s abilities unwillingly and without control. And that’s the biggest problem with the issue. As an opener, we learn very little about the direction and intent of the series. In essence, it felt like a Free Comic Book Day one-shot set up to introduce a future book than the start of a series. Before you know it, the team rushes away to help elsewhere. As a comic fan, I just need more purpose, direction, and something to sink my teeth into to know if I want to take this journey or not. With only 7 issues in TITANS UNITED, I feel like we learned very little with the crux focusing on the cast more than plot and foundational story elements.


Luis’ illustrations have a unique attitude that’s strong and almost fierce that truly conveys the TITANS UNITED team well. Plus, Rex Lokus generates a more vibrant color display that brings the issue to life. For an extremely busy issue that incorporates multiple different power sets and abilities, this art team did an outstanding job showcasing each character’s strengthens well. With a feeling that’s almost reminiscent of the 90s’ flashy, overly muscular defining, superhero pouch toting, lead characters, this art team lent itself flawlessly to a style that seemed to only be missing guns, guns, and more guns!


TITANS UNITED #1 leans heavily on the nostalgic and plays hard and fast towards fans loving the TITANS TV Series. However, the story and substance behind the new series seemed lacking and were ultimately uneventful. Yet, this art team truly elevated my score and ignited my interest in at least another issue. Presently, it felt as though TITANS UNITED #1 could be bypassed and still hop right into issue 2 without skipping a beat, which warrants the purpose for the issue other than introductions. Hopefully, as issue 2 of TITANS UNITED kicks off, Scott and his team build up the story rapidly providing readers with more definition and direction. Feel free to let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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