Thor #12 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Nic Klein

Color Artist: Matt Wilson

Cover Artists: Olivier Coipel & Laura Martin

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Previously, we saw Donald Blake, Thor’s human alter ego, return to the physical world only to start tearing his way through Asgard. Now he’s taken the bifrost, got a shave, and is now moving on to his next game: Thors! Rather anyone possessing power like Thor. In Thor #12, Donald Blake may have met his match against the webbed warrior of thunder, Throg.

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One thing this comic does and does well is giving readers exactly what it says it’s going to give you. In the last few issues we saw Donald Blake tear through Asgard, meet up with Jane Foster again. And now we’re getting the fight we never knew we wanted: Donald Blake vs. Throg! Oh, and Lockjaw. For anyone new to Throg, don’t worry this comic does what it can to bring readers new and old back up to speed on the webbed avenger, before it gets right into action.

The fight is excellent, Throg is ever the wacky yet epic warrior readers would expect him to be. His size, personality, and powers clash very well against Donald Blake who just can’t believe how much trouble a talking frog is giving him. The fight is greatly illustrated by Nic Klein who does it again in his delivering some awesome, bloody action for this comic. The fights are dirty, bloody, and you can feel each hit and blow the characters deal to each other. This is a fun looking comic.

As the comic progress, readers will see the story actually move things along, Jane makes some headway on trying to figure things out, while getting more of Donald Blake’s agenda. It also covers some story details that this reviewer has been personally wondering for some time since the beginning of this comic. Now it looks like readers will be getting those answers and even more action in the next issue.

Thor #12 Spoilers:

The fight between Throg and Donald Blake is amazing! I can’t say it enough. From the dialogue, the art, the action, and even the trash talking between the two is great. Also, the comic really uses Lockjaw well, setting up a cool double team between Throg and Lockjaw. Which makes sense. Donny Cates really liked using Lockjaw as he did in his Death of the Inhumans miniseries and clearly likes pairing him off with Thor characters. Though, it makes you wonder where the rest of the Inhumans are. But that’s a problem for another time.

One thing I’m glad this comic finally did was show us where Odin’s been all this time. Though I expected more for the former king of Asgard, I’m not too surprised by his current state. Marvel comic writers have spent five or so years making Odin a shadow of his former self in all kinds of ways. Even though I don’t like it, finding him in some bar halfway across the Universe adds up. Here’s hoping Donny Cates actually does something cool with Odin in the next issue.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not a fan of Throg, this comic might make you one. The action and art by Nic Klein is great, and the story by Donny Cates really picks up nicely in this comic. There are even a few answers to some questions readers may have had as it sets up the stakes for the next issue.


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