The Wrong Earth: Night and Day #6 Review


PETER KRAUSE (Epilogues)


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE DATE: August 4th, 2021


As Man-Dragonfly of Earth Zeta is finally revealed to all as the main villain of the story our Dragonflymen come to terms with each other and their different styles. Normally in a final issue, there would be a feeling of some sort of wrap-up and conclusion of the story. The Wrong Earth: Night and Day #6 feels more like the season finale of a TV show. Have some feeling of closure for the story threads of the season, yet end on a cliffhanger with some teasing epilogues to entice people to come back for the next season.

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The plot itself doesn’t move ahead far from the previous issues. Man-Dragonfly escapes to another Earth while our heroes discover that there are many Earths with hints of versions of the Dragonflies we haven’t seen yet. This may lack giving an ending to the saga that began way back in the first Wrong Earth series as The Wrong Earth: Night and Day #6 is more a preview of where future series’ are going to go.

Despite this, there are still several scenes that feel cathartic in that characters get to meet and resolve their own personal issues. The Stinger of Earth Alpha being told he was lied to by Dragonfly of Earth Omega is a touching moment. It becomes even more touching when his real mentor has Stinger go back to shake his hand to show there are no hard feelings is great. Plus, one of the things that have made this world(s) enjoyable to follow is all the little moments where characters acknowledge what has happened. However, don’t use that as an excuse to blow things out of proportion.

As silly of a concept as the Dragonfly fellas (I need to copyright that phrase! lol) can appear to be, they are often surprisingly mature and reasonable in how they interact and deal with problems. Yes, there have been silly superhero fights. It’s still that kind of comic. That being said, some of the best scenes in any of the Wrong Earth series have been the character interactions. Such as the Dragonflies of Alpha and Omega appearing to have finally resolved their bitterness towards each other. There is still a little jabbing like Omega’s Dragonfly swearing, knowing that bothers Dragonfly Alpha.


Besides the writing, The Wrong Earth: Night and Day wouldn’t be what is it without the consistent great art of Jamal Igle. Having to draw several versions of the same character yet make each feel distinctive is not an easy task. But Igle pulls it off with great body language. Scenes like when an older Stinger tries to explain to a younger Stinger how his partner pays people to “make him feel better” add a little something extra to the story thanks to Igle. Furthermore, Peter Krause does the two epilogue stories that appear to set up the next Wrong Earth series. His art is crisp and clear. Like Igle, Krause has a history of doing both lighter superhero stories such as the Power of Shazam as well as darker stories like Irredeemable. Each epilogue deals with what is happening on both Earth Alpha and Omega while our heroes are trapped on Earth Zeta. I still prefer Igle, but if for some reason he couldn’t do future Wrong Earth series, Krause would be a fine replacement.


The Wrong Earth: Night & Day #6 doesn’t quite wrap up the mini-series as one might expect. What it does is bring several characters finally together both physically and emotionally as past grudges are resolved. It ends on a big cliffhanger that will make anyone that has been following these characters excited to see what’s next, which is great news for anyone loving this series. Please don’t think that all the mentions of different versions of the same characters and different Earths lead one to believe this series is confusing to follow… because it’s not! Both the writing and the art do a great job of keeping everything easy to follow. It’s well worth checking out.


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