The Swamp Thing #6 Review

Writer: Ram V.

Artist: Mike Perkins

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 4, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer


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The Swamp Thing #6  written by Ram V. with art by Mike Perkins is the sixth installment of a ten-issue series. In this issue, entitled “In My Infancy,” Levi finds himself in dire straits within the Kaziranga Forest, after a Prescott Bio-Agent is released over the area. And to make matters worse, Amanda Waller sends members of the Suicide Squad to apprehend him. But the “Green ” isn’t giving up their avatar so easily, as “the power of the Green is in memory,” and Levi reaches out with faith to memories of his own to teach and strengthen him. 


The Swamp Thing has been one of my favorite comic series and The Swamp Thing #6 is no exception! Ram V. continues to provide stories that are interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. Ram and artist Mike Perkins have maintained the style and overall horror/hero feel of the character, while at the same time providing character development to a new Swamp Thing (Levi Kamei) that both old and new readers will enjoy. This issue’s use of the Suicide Squad is very well done. The choices made as to which members to include in the Squad (Nightmare Nurse, Heat Wave, Parasite, Chemo & Peace-Maker) are also excellent, as each provides a unique aspect to the story. I also found the “memory” scenes that Levi experiences with his family engaging and believe it draws the reader more and more into Levi’s “human” world. I can’t say enough about how much Mike Perkins’ artwork adds to the overall enjoyment of this issue and overall series – it’s amazing. Perkins’ attention to detail within his visuals elevates the story to another level. Colorist Mike Spicer also deserves mention, as his colors are beautiful and add to the enjoyment of the story. 


The Swamp Thing #6 is another gem by Ram V. and Mike Perkins that all Swamp Things fans will enjoy. If you’re currently reading this series, don’t hesitate – get a copy of this issue. If you haven’t been reading The Swamp Thing – check it out! It’s well worth the price of admission. 


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