The Scumbag #11 Review

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Roland Boschi
Colorist: Moreno Dinisio
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 8, 2021
Reviewer: JR Huitt


Image Comics released The Scumbag #11 this week.  This issue is the first part of the third story arc, titled “Golden Browneye.”  Rick Remender’s tale of the heroism of the absolute worst human being continues with The Scumbag #11.

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In The Scumbag #11, Rick Remender pulls together threads from the previous two arcs as he begins laying the groundwork for the next part of his story.  The lead character, Ernie Ray Clementine, continues to be someone who that fascinates me while at the same time leveling up the disgust that I feel for him.  In short, Remender has definitely managed to create a character whose actions I find loathsome while still being entertaining by.


The artist for The Scumbag #11 is Roland Boschi. This is Boschi’s second time illustrating The Scumbag following issue #4.  Remender’s habit of spotlighting a different artist with each new issue is one that I really.  With each artist, Remender has pushed the story into places that utilized their skillset.  Boschi’s artwork is really active and fun to follow.  Seeing some of the scenes where Ernie interacts with his old friends and then watching the disgust that creeps across their faces is awesome.


The Scumbag #11 kicked off the third storyline of the Image Comics series in style. Rick Remender is once again in top form as he continues world building and reminding people why Ernie is such a literal scumbag.  One of the final revelations of WHY Ernie was able to develop his powers hits pretty close to home. With the current political situation in the US, it would be wonderful if there was a common enemy to unite the disjointed populace.



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