The Flash #787 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Jeromy Cox, Rob Leigh, and Taurin Clarke

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: October 18th, 2022

It’s Monday Night somewhere as Wally West is back from his adventure to save Barry Allen. However. there’s no time to celebrate, as a new alien with a penchant for golden belts and trucker hair has added a new sting to the life of the Flash! This stone-cold heart-stopper of an issue will have you screaming “OHMAHGAWD!” as the Scarlet Speedster gets clotheslined in the face by a whole new era of attitude in The Flash #787 by Jeremy Adams.  Let’s race in and take a look!

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Bro Bro, Jeremy Adams has not only recreated Wally West and restored him back to glory but he has also restored the element of a good, entertaining one-shot. Sometimes, comics don’t need to get me with cliffhangers and world-ending apocalypses. Everything doesn’t have to center around tension and suspense. Sometimes, a comic can simply be a great escape. Sometimes, it can just be entertaining and loads of fun, especially for the entire family. And let me tell you, your kids will love The Flash #787 too, which is why for those very reasons you need to grab this issue!

The premise of The Flash #787 was quite simple: every now and again we need to have some fun. And if you’ve been following Adams Flash run, you’d see that it’s been one epic tale after another that Wally seems to fall right into. So, he’s rundown, tired, and burning the candle at both ends. So, after a heart-to-heart with Omega Bam-Man, the Flasher realizes he needs to let off a little boofwaddle. Now, some would say that Wally should just raise some Slondarian Wedgeworms or something like that. However, Wally decides to let loose, join a tag team wrestlefest, and knock some heads! You know; all in a days work.


Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, and Jeromy Cox pull together an intensely bright and colorful action melee in this week’s Flash #787. The renderings were explosive, mirrored with the volatile color palette that mimicked the 90s wrestling motif that someone 40 and older probably grew up on. The only real knock I would give the art this week is the smaller panel progressions mixed with the lettering from the announcers were crammed into certain panels taking away from the action at some points. It wasn’t awful by any stretch but did pull me out of the action at times. However, what is 90s wrestling without the announcer commentary? Maybe in the future this art team can get a bit more creative using larger panels and more lettering in the future as to not take away from the action on display.


The Flash #787 is just downright wild and fun. And what makes this issue so unique is that it not only states the theme but the comic itself is the theme. We all need to let loose, have some fun now and again, and find that outlet to keep us sane and alleviate that sense of pressure while fighting fatigue. Well, in essence, that’s exactly what The Flash #787 is in a nutshell.

Moreover, I would be remiss if I didn’t also reference the subtle panels involving Dick and Babs, as well as Lobo and Goldstar (speaking of Goldstar… where has she been?!?). On top of the insane story and crazy action on display, these throwaway panels were also priceless adding that extra layer to the fun and excitement of The Flash #787. Readers, very little prior knowledge is required to understand this issue. It’s the perfect time to get on board with The Flash and add this series to your pull list. Check out The Flash #787 now and give Adams’ style a test drive to see what you think. I do not doubt that you’ll love it along with this issue. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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