The Flash #785 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Amancay Nahuelpan, Jeromy Cox, Rob Leigh, and Taurin Clarke

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: August 16th, 2022

As this DARK CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS tie-in wraps, the speedsters appear to have found a way to nab Barry out of Pariah’s evil clutches. However, Wallace appears to be plunging deeper into this mindscape prison and the architect of this world doesn’t seem to want to let any of them go! Let’s race into THE FLASH #785 by Jeremy Adams as this family of speedsters do their best to make a run at saving Barry before it’s too late.

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And the DARK CRISIS Tie-in is a wrap with one big answer revealed outside the main book as well as one big character return. Granted, most DC COMIC fans probably assumed the JUSTICE LEAGUE wasn’t dead. So, that’s not necessarily a spoiler. Yet, even though what’s happened to the JUSTICE LEAGUE has been revealed, the purpose is still a mystery. Plus, with one League member back in the fold, my hope is that DARK CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS will now become a bit more clear in the next event book.

Nevertheless, the most shocking aspect of the issue is that a main characters return was actually not in the main series book. So, I can’t help but wonder about the individual not following along in the tie-ins that manage to see the FLASH back wondering how that happened. Still, as fun as THE FLASH #785 was, it seemed rather easy for Wally and Linda to shake Barry free. I understand page count, pacing, and story development were all an issue. However, I feel like this tie-in just seemed way too easy and convenient in order to find Barry and set the process of restoring the JUSTICE LEAGUE in motion.

As for THE FLASH #785 specifically, I enjoyed the twist with Night FLASH, as well as the spirited, spunky nature of Wally’s kids. They’re adventurous and wholesome at the same time, which is something missing in comics today. It’s ultimately what made the issue so much fun. But the least appealing story beat was still the Mad Max Barry Allen. Not only did it make very little sense BUT Jesse Quick and Max Mercury, as well as Irey and Jai, just magically find themselves home. THE FLASH #783 and #784 felt like it was going somewhere only to have THE FLASH #785 quickly pump the breaks and jump to the end post haste. Regardless, the Wallace angle was even weirder, appeared to serve absolutely no purpose, and wasn’t explained at all even though readers were lead to believe something bigger was about to transpire with this story thread.


Amancay Nahuelpan’s style is really beginning to catch my eye. It’s easy to follow from one panel to the next and it’s incredibly clear. However, it’s Jeremy Cox’s colors that make THE FLASH #785 come to life. Cox provides fans with bright, vivid highlights that cause the reader’s eyes to dance across the page drawing attention to exactly where it needs to be. Together, this art team enhances THE FLASH with a brilliant, polished look that’s super intense and saturated with color that stimulates the senses. Combined with Adams, I can see some super special things in THE FLASH’S future.



THE FLASH #785 wasn’t bad, however, the about-face, as well as the abrupt conclusion to the tie-in, felt jammed into the narrative in order to save time and issues. Sure, the comic was still a fun read that revealed a pretty huge aspect of the DARK CRISIS tie-in which is severely out of character for a tie-in. Nevertheless, the rapid conclusion came out of nowhere, didn’t seem to fit with the story beats, and left some narrative threads unanswered. Will those threads ever be answered? Will we figure out what’s going on with Wallace?

Now, don’t let this issue of THE FLASH change your opinion of this creative team. Adams and his crew are still rockstars and deserve your attention in this series. They’ve made THE FLASH series so much better in so many ways. Plus, it’s hard to put the breaks on YOUR story in order to fit in tie-ins to an event like DARK CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Adams worked with the cards he was dealt while trying to stay true to the characterization he’s developed. And he most certainly did that. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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