The Flash #783 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Amancay Nahuelpan, Jeromy Cox, Rob Leigh, Brandon Peterson, and Michael Atiyeh

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: June 21st, 2022

The quest to find Barry Allen begins! And with the JUSTICE LEAGUE “dead”, Wally huddles the entire FLASH Family together in a frantic endeavor to scour the Speed Force to find Barry Allen. However, does Barry even want to be found? And does this story actually tie into DARK CRISIS? Let’s race into THE FLASH #783 by Jeremy Adams as this three-issue story morphs into a summer event for ages to come!

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Tie-ins normally don’t amount to much. Essentially, they are ways of getting individuals who are interested in an event to buy other issues. And in this case, it’s DARK CRISIS. So, does THE FLASH #783 shed any light on DARK CRISIS or provide any needed information to those fans eager for the event? Absolutely not! Therefore, I’ll begin right out of the gate by suggesting anyone interested in DARK CRISIS will find no need to purchase this issue.

Now that I cleared the air, let’s get down to what THE FLASH #783 is truly all about… and that’s the search for Barry Allen. And that my not-so-fine-feathered friends are the true essence of this “DARK CRISIS” tie-in. Technically, I wouldn’t even view it as a tie-in. You see, THE FLASH #783 is the perfect jumping-on point for anyone who wants to get back on THE FLASH wagon with Jeremy Adams as its conductor, which I highly recommend. Adams has Wally West down! He’s fixed the character, reintroduced the family dynamic, and provided wildly entertaining stories with fantastic artists and styles to boot. Readers, his FLASH is just fun!

Readers get almost the entire FLASH family, an Omniversal romp, different artistic tones, zany antics, powerful character interactions, and a downright entertaining story that moves at a medium pace. It’s got all the bells and whistles of a solid comic with a classic feel. Adams understands the importance of THE FLASH family and he has done a tremendous job steering this ship back on track with grace and balance. There truly couldn’t be a more perfect time to race into this series as he finds a way to bring back Barry Allen and reconstituted THE FLASH family.

If there was one knock for this issue, it would be that THE FLASH #783 is almost all entirely set up. We quickly establish the purpose and place of the characters as well as where they need to be almost immediately. Moreover, the zany antics from the kids are getting to be a bit too much as well. Also, as the three Barry stories go, the race car story seems to be the least exciting right now. However, I’ve been surprised before. So, who knows. My point is: I hope three different stories aren’t too much to juggle.


The different Omniverses constitute different artistic designs that provide the art team with tremendous possibilities. The classic FLASH with its lighter tones and humdrum atmosphere provides a fun contrast to the futuristic, dark world of “Allen Tower”. Plus, I just love Wally’s suit and design that reminds this reviewer so much of the Geoff Johns FLASH run.

Moreover, take a minute to really stare at the character’s facial expressions and eyes. Amancay Nahuelpan does a tremendous job showcasing the entire FLASH family’s emotions which is ultimately what will draw fans deeper into the story making them feel as though they are traveling right alongside THE FLASH family on their search for Barry across time and space.


THE FLASH #783 showcases all the key elements that have made Adams’ FLASH one of the best monthly books at DC COMICS over the past year. No, THE FLASH #783 isn’t really a DARK CRISIS tie-in. So, don’t read it for that at all. However, I couldn’t recommend this issue or series enough. Adams gets the entire FLASH family and basically saved Wally West. He’s used THE FLASH #783 to set up a wild, Ominversal ride that’s sure to be entertaining for the entire family. And, that’s what makes his run so special. THE ENTIRE FAMILY! Adams has found that perfect balance and made this series one that’s fun for all ages with a dynamic feel that won’t disappoint.

Jinkies FLASH fans, I’m not saying he SCOOBY-DOOed the series. However, in an era where entertainment is so over-the-top, graphic, sexual, morbid, and oftentimes inappropriate, it’s extremely difficult for a family to find common ground to read or watch something everyone can enjoy. Well guess what, that’s Jeremy Adams’ FLASH! it’s exciting and fun with clever stories that parents and kids can enjoy together. And as usual, Adams continues to work with artists that complement his stories well providing them with the perfect tone and emotion that brings each page to life. FLASH fans who took a hiatus should use this issue as the perfect opportunity to hop back on board. Add this series to your pull list and thank me later. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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