The Flash #782 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Jeromy Cox, Peter Pantazis, Rob Leigh, Brandon Peterson, and Michael Atiyeh

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: May 18th, 2022

In the FLASH #781, Wally met up with Wallace (Kid Flash) to see if he could help pick up some slack around the globe while Wally ironed out some other details with his family and ultimately got his life back on track. After a journey around the world, the two Wally’s found themselves dead to rights in front of Girder. But, what’s going on with Girder? I thought he was in Iron Heights. Let’s dive into THE FLASH #782 by Jeremy Adams and find out!

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With a little bit of humor, some comic book science, and a lot of luck, Adams develops a crafty way for the two FLASH’S to make quick work of Girder as the opening act. But what you’ll quickly discover is that Girder was merely the opening act. Now, this entire first act was made as a humorous taste to provide fans with a little bit of action while showcasing the entertainingly fun style Adams brings to the table. His design for the FLASH has been a feel-good, humorous, romp that’s never too heavy or hard to understand. Plus, another perk has been its appropriate nature for kids making this series perfect for the older comics fan to get their kids involved in the medium.

Additionally, I liked the subtle explanation as to why Wally calls Wallace “Ace”. It’s not too overdramatic or even that silly for that matter. Yet, his plan very well may be to remove any confusion between the names of Wally, Wallace, and the two characters. If people begin to refer to him as “Ace” instead of Wallace or even “the other Wally”, it will simply add clarity to the issue as well as the characters themselves. So, don’t be surprised if Adams is also trying to slyly fix this Wallace-Wally West conundrum like he’s down with the FLASH being a crazy killer in desperate need of therapy at the Sanctuary, which (BTW) hasn’t been used since.

The only argument I could see someone make is that Adams may have made Wally West FLASH a bit too silly and goofy. And truthfully, I could get behind that argument. However, if Adams needs to overcompensate his characteristics for another arc or two just to continue to rebuild the character and his mantra, I’m all for it. His Speed Lab, the mess, his mannerisms, and quips come across as over the top at times. Yet, I can deal as it adds a specific flavor to THE FLASH #782 that makes the comic quite enjoyable.


THE FLASH #782 offers quick fun and goofy sidebars that make the issue lighthearted and entertaining for all ages. Wally’s scatterbrained approach mixed with Wallace’s level-headed modern story beats makes for a great one-two punch. Sure, the whole evil Warden angle at Iron Heights has been done before. However, I think Adams is still in the process of recreating Wally West and now Kid Flash. Readers, if you think about it, tons of confusion and damage has been done to the FLASH family as a result of the NEW 52, which eventually compounded into the disappearance of Wally and replaced with Wallace West. Yet, they both re-emerged and took up space making things even more confusing which they tried to write off as Wally’s cousin. Yup, no confusion their folks.

Anyway, I think Adams is making a valiant attempt to recreate Wallace as “Ace”, which is in the name by the way… WallACE, and elevate any more mangled connections between the two other than their family line. Adams strategy has been working with Wally and I have faith that it will work here with Wallace. Fun stories, distance, and time fix almost everything in comics. And that’s exactly what the FLASH has been since Adams took control. I highly recommend getting the whole family on board with THE FLASH. However, this issue may not be the best time to dive in. If you can, go back an issue or two or simply get the prior trades to see what I’m talking about before jumping in. You won’t regret it. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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