The Dead Lucky #2 Review

Writer: Melissa Flores

Artist: French Carlomagno

Colorist: Mattia Iacono

Letterer: Becca Carey

Release Date: September 7, 2022

Price: $3.99

After a stunning debut issue, The Dead Lucky #2  by Melissa Flores continues the strong story.  Bibi and Ghost are leaning into being the neighborhood protectors against the Salvation Gang, much to the dismay of Morrow Industries.  But that’s not all that she has to contend with as she struggles to fit into life at the Chi-Mexi-Q to help out her parents, the difficulties of returning home from active deployment, and that’s not to mention the static-y figures that only she can see.

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The Story

Melissa Flores expands the view of this alternate San Francisco in The Dead Lucky #2.  Having debuted her superpowers in last month’s issue, Bibi has doubled down on protecting her neighborhood against the Salvation Gang because Morrow isn’t stepping up.  But while her heroics are beloved by the citizens, they’re causing a headache for Maria and Valentine as they patrol the streets.

The pacing of the story works really well as it alternates between high intensity fight scenes and slower, more intimate look at the characters.  The contrast is great as it really shows us what Bibi and Ghost are capable of while reminding readers that the characters are still human and facing everyday problems.  As we get a better look at the characters, Flores also starts to pull back the layers and show us some of Bibi’s backstory, what it was like for her in the military, and who her static-y ghosts are to her.

This story touches on a lot of personal topics for Flores and it shows in the way that she approaches the topic of veterans, PTSD, and returning home after seeing active duty.  Through Bibi, she gives a look into some of the challenges that face the soldiers that come home, and the ghosts they have to deal with as they struggle to find their place in the civilian world.

The Art

French Carlomagno and Mattia Iacono team up once more in The Dead Lucky #2 to deliver readers a book full of tremendous art.  Everything good about the art in the first issue is back.  The linework and shading are on point as Carlomagno marries the feel of Chinatown with futuristic tech which lets it be familiar, yet different.  This tremendous work flows into the characters as they interact with the environment and show the expressiveness of their emotions.  And the fight scenes are explosive. Literally.  But what else can be said about a fight between two giant mechs, except maybe that it’s super awesome.

Iacono helps to take the art even further through a masterful use of color.  As with the first issue, the chosen palettes help to set the mood and pacing of each scene.  Once again, the vibrancy of the book makes it stand out from others on the shelf today and readers will love it.

The Back Matter

Two issues in and The Dead Lucky is killing it with the back matter.  The first issue ended with a heartfelt letter from the author which was nice, but not out of the ordinary.  The Dead Lucky #2 changes things up completely.  It still has a well placed reminder that those who struggle with trauma, especially veterans, aren’t alone and the contact information for the Veteran’s Crisis Line. But where it really stands out is that it delivers a recipe from the kitchen of Graciela Lopez-Yang, Birria Bao Buns, which give readers a look at the Asian-Latin fusion that they serve at the Chi-Mexi-Q.

Let’s just say, this recipe is well worth the time that it took to make.  It was absolutely delicious.  Though I made minor modifications to the recipe to account for availability of ingredients and personal spicy-ness preferences, I feel that it was as accurate a representation as I could manage.  I would definitely give this recipe a 5/5 and it will be making its way into my regular meal rotation.

Final Thoughts

A fantastic second issue that continues to lay out the setting and characters for readers to enjoy.   The Dead Lucky #2 gives sensitive topics their due and approaches them with all of the sensitivity they deserve.


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