Task Force Z #2 Review

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Art: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: November 23rd, 2021

After TASK FORCE Z’S preliminary mission, RED HOOD needs to reanalyze how to soldier this team of volatile misfits and monsters against a variety of different organizations bend on using Lazarus resin to their advantage. Nevertheless, Jason realizes he’s going to need help, more importantly, someone he can trust, in order to truly lead this team well. Let’s dive into TASK FORCE Z #2 by Matthew Rosenberg as we discover more secrets about the team’s benefactor as well as who this new mysterious “lieutenant” for Jason is going to be.

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TASK FORCE Z delivers another twisted, yet fun adventure involving everyone’s favorite Bat-kid, Lazarus Resin, and the undead. So far, we still see some story beats that appear to be hidden from readers, as well as some puzzle pieces that just don’t seem to fit well within the entire scope of the series. Nevertheless, I still couldn’t put the issue down. There’s this sense of fascination and intrigue that Rosenberg’s story has developed. With a literal flip of a switch, RED HOOD could be fighting alongside his team or possibly on the dinner menu. It certainly keeps the reader on their toes throughout every turn of the page.

Moreover, Rosenberg uses this issue of TASK FORCE Z to slyly deliver more information about the Lazarus Resin, its capabilities, and the stability of the cast of characters around RED HOOD. Furthermore, Rosenberg uniquely intertwines a variety of recent storylines around the DC COMIC landscape. Not only did the last issue see the Arkham Knight but this issue returns some elements around EVENT LEVIATHAN. Now, I absolutely love when a writer pays attention to the current universe and rewards readers with nuggets and plot threads that have been resonating throughout different stories across the company. It shows a sense of care, quality, and humbleness that many writers forget about while creating. Furthermore, it shows their willingness to adapt and play well with others.

The biggest concern within this issue, as well as the last in TASK FORCE Z, is just the missing information about Project Halperin and some aspects of the world around the issue. Rosenberg has thrust readers deep into the narrative by revealing just enough information to survive. However, I’m now at a spot after TASK FORCE X #2 where I thought I’d learn a bit more than simply new team members. That said, readers still have 10 more issues to go and I’m sure we will get all the zombified details before the series wraps.


What would you expect from a comic centered around the undead? Well, an opportunity for the art team to truly showcase their talents. And, that’s exactly what Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira do throughout this issue of TASK FORCE Z. The action is supercharged, relentless, and is truly what adds to the excitement and flair of the comic. Rosenberg’s story is certainly intriguing but it’s Barrows and Ferreira that channel the excitement and energy throughout the issue. Furthermore, there is a scene involving a certain EVENT LEVIATHAN group that has so much detail in which showcases the time and effort this team put into the issue. Plus, the menacing size of Man-Bat and Bane is outstanding not to mention the darker tones by Adriano Lucas that provide that special grim and gritty feel you’d expect from a zombified tale.


From new teammates to insane fight scenes, TASK FORCE Z #2 continues to level up the crazy. The story beats are a bit far-fetched but original, exciting, and somewhat mysterious. The story feels typical while also scaled towards the uncommon and new. Readers will leave intrigued and wanting more information on Project Halperin, Jason’s teammates, and how everything jives together. Yet even with the questions, fans will find TASK FORCE Z #2 wildly entertaining and chalked full of action and suspense leaving you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend giving this series a look expecting to have one heck of a good time in the process. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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