Swamp Thing: Green Hell #3 Review

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art: Doug Mahnke, Shawn Moll, David Baron, and Steve Wands

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: March 29th, 2023

One former avatar wasn’t enough to take down the savage champion the Green created to wipe out the last of humanity…so another avatar will have to do what Alec Holland couldn’t! It’s time to unleash the Animal Woman as the finale kicks off in this week’s Swamp Thing: Green Hell #3 by Jeff Lemire!

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The final issue of Swamp Thing: Green Hell begins with a quick and easy recap to get readers of the series caught up from last month. Before you know it, fans find themselves right smack dab into the thick of the issue. Nevertheless, fans need to be prepared for a passionate rollercoaster in this one. Swamp Thing: Green Hell #3 is extremely powerful and cluttered with emotionally charged moments from Lemire between an utterly demolished, lifeless hero who finds his way and battles back.

However, the power isn’t just intrepid through the tone of the narrative but the cascading development of plot threads and story beats that find the series jolting with sentiment. And just when the emotions switch over again, Lemire lights it up with another spectacular moment from Animal Women that will have you gasping louder than Constantine. Speaking of everyone’s favorite a@@hole, pay close attention to Constantine’s nice side hustle that adds the perfect, extra thrill into the narrative at the conclusion that’s not only pretty wild by highly anticipated.


Doug Mahnke is outstanding at drawing action. It’s violent, brutal, and extremely rough, and rigid. Nevertheless, he draws his action like it’s the only thing that seems to matter on the page. Yet what puts Mahnke over the top is his approach to the specific subject matter. Some artists go for realism and others smooth details, however, I find that Mahnke is a great mix of both that’s raw but still believable. The people are slim and gritty performing outrageous feats that still seem realistic in the process. Nevertheless, Mahnke’s Swamp Thing in this issue levels up well and deserves most of the praise as well as his Animal Women. These two are relentless this week all thanks to Mahnke’s art style!


Swamp Thing: Green Hell #3 is nonstop, relentless action that’s fierce and extremely intense from start to finish. Moreover, Lemire doesn’t hold back anything as he throws almost everything at the Green and the Red in order to defeat the Parliaments. Story beats that fans never saw coming fly into the forefront in a logical way that just makes sense. Yet, the best aspect of this entire issue was how Lemire and Mahnke got this reviewer to feel in each desperation maneuver. Plus, the rollercoaster ride of emotions hit hard each time and I’m not even a huge Swamp Thing fan. Overall, Swamp Thing: Green Hell #3 was the best issue to date and ended this Black Label tale well. If you already invested in the first two issues, don’t wait… go out over lunch to get your copy. And if you haven’t yet dipped your toe into Swamp Thing: Green Hell, I wouldn’t get the issue. I’d preorder the trade now! This was a fantastic story that Swamp Thing fans will remember for quite some time.


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