Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 Review

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art: Doug Mahnke, David Baron, Steve Wands

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: February 15th, 2023

Alec Holland has been summoned back to the land of the living by the decrepit John Constantine himself, which is quite the surprise to the Parliament of Trees. In exchange for a peaceful eternity within the Green, Alec was to stay out of their affairs. With lives at risk, Alec refuses, but his conviction comes at a cost: if Alec dies in this stolen body, defending the last vestiges of humanity…he’s gone for good! Let’s see how this much anticipated second installment of Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 by Jeff Lemire shakes out.

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The main focus of Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 is to catch readers up to speed on Alec, where he’s been, what he’s been up to, and where the story goes from there. This was HUGE for the story considering the long gap between issues one and two. Some fans may not have read Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 since it first came out over 13 months ago. So, besides the nice catch-up by Lemire, I strongly recommend rereading Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 before diving into this issue.

Nevertheless, after the background transpires, Lemire takes Swamp Thing into a very powerful direction that he almost always fits strategically into. And that area of focus is the Tragic Hero mold. Swamp Thing is the epitome of a sorrowful, tragic hero and Lemire spends the bulk of the issue showcasing how and why. It’s, in my opinion, the big draw to the character. He’s the traditional suffering, sympathetic, victim who overcomes his fatal flaws but in a relatable way. Somehow, Green Jeans always gets the short end of the stick yet still does what’s right anyway. And with the amazing talents of Lemire, readers will feel those emotions through every scene. So much so that even when Swamp Thing finds himself almost powerless, he still acts!

On a side note, I love Lemire’s “Old Man” Constantine. He’s even more of an $&@ than his younger counterpart regardless of his efforts to save the world. Plus, what makes it even better is that he knows it and is totally ok with it. And this side note will lead fans to a stellar cliffhanger that should excite many for what’s to come in the new issue of Swamp Thing: Green Hell, which I highly recommend you check out!


Doug Mahnke and David Baron take a great story by Lemire and throw Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 over the top! Mahnke’s character detail is outstanding. The close-ups on Swamp Thing’s face as well as “Old Man” Constantine provide a powerful grizzled look coupled with the tension and aggression these two normally exude. Additionally, Baron finds the perfect blend of darker tones with brighter colors that still represent a post-apocalyptic world just fine while keeping the comic crisp and polished.

However, the killer part of Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 is the intense, graphic nature of the Red and the Green. These Swamp creatures are terrifying. Mix that with the almost nuclear blood coloring and deep red skies and readers will be captivated in this bone-chilling world praying for an escape. Swamp Thing fans will feel at home while new readers will see the creepy, eerie draw of a well designed Swamp Thing Comic.


For Swamp Thing fans, this is a no-brainer. Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 should be on your pull list especially considering it’s basically the only Swamp Thing comic out now and it’s written by Lemire. The bigger question is whether or not the in-between fan/ indifferent Swamp Thing fan should check it out. And I would say ABSOLUTELY! There is a ton in this issue for almost everyone. The symbolic tragic hero figure. The Horror Comic aficionado. The post-apocalyptic society. And of course the fan interested in taking that first dive into a Swamp Thing Comic. Sure, it’s a bit heavy for a first Swamp Thing Comic. However, it’s a spectacular issue for anyone interested in dipping their toe into exactly how the character should be written with outstanding art to justify the purchase.


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