Stargirl: The Lost Children #6 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art: Todd Nauck, Matt Herms, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: May 9th, 2023

The battle for the fate of the lost children is here! Stargirl faces off against the Childminder on Orphan Island in the hopes of saving these forgotten sidekicks from her monstrous clutches as Stargirl: The Lost Children #6 by Geoff Johns begins to unfold  But if she succeeds, what does this mean the DC Universe timeline?

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Stargirl: The Lost Children #6 by Johns opens with a wholesome look at friends and family which was remarkably refreshing considering many of the other underlining themes that work their way into movies, television, media, and culture in today’s limelight. And sticking with that wholesome mantra that Johns promotes throughout the issue, the fight scenes and action blend together nicely with the same tone and climate of the story making Stargirl: The Lost Children #6 fun for all ages.

However, the biggest twist comes with the reveal of the true villain behind the scenes. And can I tell you, it was totally unexpected and rather unique? Frankly, I loved it! The reveal made sense with the story, the interaction with Corky Baxter made even more sense, the reason given as to why he affected Hourman so well became significant, and the purpose of the story became clear. Johns effort to restore the timeline and reconnect some lost heroes definitely shines through well with his creativity in this issue.

The only downfall with Stargirl: The Lost Children #6 is that it just ends with this happy-go-lucky attitude as if everything is fine. Furthermore, the issue just ends as if everything is ok without any possible cliffhangers or clues as to what’s to come from this series. Readers will be left without a direction. Sure, the purpose was to bring back these heroes lost to fans for years… my goodness maybe more! However, now what? Young Justice Society? Ok… but I thought we’d at least get the next steps out of this installment and we don’t.


Todd Nauck and Matt Herms continue to create a classic comic book feel with an updated vibe that’s extremely reminiscent of the Golden Age but with a modern twist. Additionally, I loved the splash page placements and double page spreads of all the sidekicks throughout Stargirl: The Lost Children #6. Nauck and Herms furnished the perfect balance and temperament throughout the issue that gave Johns the wholesome tone he was looking for. The togetherness and family dynamic felt through these pages were directly related to this art team’s authentic use of style and panel placement. This creative team complimented Johns extremely well.


Stargirl: The Lost Children #6 continues its wholesome nature and kid-favorite vibes well as Johns reveals the villain but not necessarily why the villain was doing any of this in the first place. Moreover, Johns uses his astute storytelling abilities to bring this story to a logical close but kind of misses the mark in terms of the next steps and direction for these young heroes from here on out.

Overall, this issue, as well as all of Stargirl: The Lost Children, was a fantastic read for parents and kids to read together that carried weight, had ramifications, felt important, and was easy to digest. A book like this is hard to come by. However, leave it to Johns to create a series that the entire family could read while also ushering back into DC Comics a new era with these lost characters. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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