Stargirl: The Lost Children #3 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art: Todd Nauck, Matt Herms, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: January 17th, 2023

Stargirl comes face-to-face with the eighth soldier of victory, Wing, and a whole host of sidekicks from the past as Stargirl: The Lost Children #3 by Geoff Johns continues!! But amongst the familiar faces are many Courtney’s never even heard of before. Where are these kids from, what happened to them, and why were they erased from time?! The New Golden Age continues here!

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Johns begins with a little introduction of the lost sidekicks and quickly gives fans the lay of the land as well as the intricate cast of characters from long ago. Johns has certainly done his homework with this cast that has clearly been lost through time. The detailed thought and commitment to DC Comics show through in spades just as you read through Stargirl: The Lost Children #3.

Just be prepared for little action this week as Johns takes the time to iron out a few details and grow the character pool a bit more. However, other than introducing a large cast, as well as a pretty killer character cliffhanger, Stargirl: The Lost Children #3 is more about raising excitement for diehard Golden Age fans than anything else.

That said, there is one confusing part to this issue that I just couldn’t shake out. Corky Baxter, who was in the Flashpoint: Beyond event, seemed to be more of a focal point of that series. However, he enters this story yet seems as though he doesn’t remember any of the items that happened in that event. It’s almost as if he has memory loss or it’s almost as if he’s stuck in here before Flashpoint: Beyond. Either way, that aspect of the issue was a bit confusing to me. Something’s there connecting these two books… I just don’t know what. So, keep your eyes peeled!


It always seems like the best writers find the most talented artists to complement their stories well. This appears to be the case once again in Stargirl: The Lost Children #3. However, who wouldn’t want to work with Geoff Johns? Todd Nauck and Matt Herms perfectly depict the tone and vibe this story needs. Stargirl: The Lost Children is meant to be important to the DC Comic Landscape yet coupled with a more childlike technique built for all ages.

The illustrations remind me heavily of an updated 90s Saturday Morning cartoon. To some, that may sound awful. But it works so well with the story being told. Moreover, there are aspects of Stargirl: The Lost Children #3 that are actually quite dark, even for a kids’ book which adds more weight to the narrative. Just look at the outstanding detail surrounding the Childminder. She’s dark, twisted, and overly creepy. Plus, the splash page of her introduction to the story is frightening, to say the least.


Stargirl: The Lost Children #3 lacks the wild punch of an action comic but delivers with some Golden Age feels. It adds an intriguing bite to munch on with the time-displaced storyline and mixes it all up with a lighthearted, entertaining theme that will certainly keep the interests of the classic fans. This series is meant for any long-standing, diehard comic book lover who’s a true fan. It’s steeped with history and wrapped with some amazing art that pays perfect homage to the past but also connects it to the current artistry found in comics today. I can’t recommend Stargirl: The Lost Children #3, as well as this series, enough. The new or average fan may have to do some internet sleuthing to figure out who all these characters are and where they were last seen. But trust me, it’ll be worth it! If you have any questions on the review or are ever interested in tackling a comic review of your own, feel free to email me directly at Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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