Spawn’s Universe #1 Review

Writer: Todd McFarlane

Art: Stephen Segovia, Marciano Takara, Jim Cheung, Brett Booth, Bill Campbell, and J. Scott Campbell

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $5.99

Release Date: June 23rd, 2021

Reviewer: Glimmer

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Spawn’s Universe #1 is a double-sized, one-shot issue that begins a storyline that will directly lead into new Spawn monthly titles. It comprises four chapters which are all written by Todd McFarlane. The main story has art by Jim Cheung and accounts for the majority of the book. In this section, Spawn (Al Simmons) takes Cy-Gor and goes back to the island in an effort to stop his enemies from destroying the earth and taking over the vacant throne in hell.

Meanwhile, Cogliostro makes plans of his own. The second chapter is entitled “Medieval” (with art by Stephen Segovia) and features the Medieval Spawn as he deals with an evil wizard. The third “She-Spawn” (art by Marcio Takara) gives readers a quick glimpse into how She-Spawn, Jessica Priest, is dealing with her role as a Spawn. Finally, in the last chapter (with art by Brett Booth) called “Gunslinger,” readers get a quick backstory about the Gunslinger Spawn.      


Spawn’s Universe #1 is a huge issue, and well worth the high price tag. Its 68 pages and four chapters are important in understanding the new upcoming Spawn titles that McFarlane will be releasing in the coming months. Anyone planning on reading those titles should start with this issue. I enjoyed this issue, but feel it was written for new readers.

That being said, there’s plenty here to captivate and excite longtime readers alike. The main story is the centerpiece of the issue and includes a few guest appearances as well as a few storyline surprises. The backup stories are fun as they focus on the other Spawns. The artwork in each of the chapters is solid and consistent. I especially like the artwork by Brett Booth in the “Gunslinger” section, as I found the attention to detail to be amazing! Also, it is worth mentioning that for those who enjoy variants, there are a few cover choices to choose from and/or collect! 


Spawn’s Universe #1 has been advertised as a pivotal piece in the future of Spawn comics, and after reading the issue – I would agree. In this reader’s opinion, this issue is as important to “Spawn” as issues 100, 200, 300 and various others were. It clearly sets the direction for the future of the new titles as well as for the current Spawn monthly title. Anyone interested in reading Spawn comics in the near future needs to pick this up. 


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