Silver Surfer Rebirth #5 Review


Writer: Ron Marz  

Art: Ron Lim, Don Ho (inker), and Israel Silva. (colorist)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 22nd, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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In Silver Surfer Rebirth #5, the concluding issue of this series, we see the Silver Surfer and Thanos having their final showdown with Tyrant. This was a good conclusion that wrestled with the theme of the Silver Surfer being tempted by too much power.

He is briefly shown a reality he would want but denies himself this because he knows it is a lie. This shows the true strength of character that the Silver Surfer has. Not only does this show the moral fiber of the Silver Surfer, but we also see that Thanos maybe isn’t as bad as he is often considered to be.


Once again, the highlight of Silver Surfer Rebirth #5 is the art. Not only does this issue feature several colorful splash pages and full-page spreads of action, but there is a sequence where the artist draws the characters in a more abstract art style.

This series really showcased Ron Lim’s artistic talents well. He is very versatile and does amazing pages of varying colors. Israel Silva really makes the issue pop with the colors, especially those simulating the Kirby Krackle.



Silver Surfer Rebirth #5 is an excellent conclusion to this story. It shows us the differing resolves of both Thanos and the Surfer, provides excellent artwork, and even leaves room open for more stories in the future if Marvel gives the Silver Surfer more adventures. Any fans of the Silver Surfer will definitely appreciate this series!


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