Silk #3 Review



Publisher: Marvel

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 5/12/2021

Reviewer: ClaireCHammy

Silk #3 written by Maurene Goo and art by Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring, Ariana Maher, and Woo-Chul Lee, is an amazing read. From seeing the therapy session of a superhero to cat demons this issue and series have a lot of potential to be incredible. It is interesting to see a superhero going through a therapy session, as it gives them a sense of vulnerability, which is more interesting than the big brooding force that superheroes were depicted as in the past.

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Saya Ishi, The Villan Icon.

While this is a Silk comic, Saya Ishi is the iconic villain we deserve. After reading Silk #3, I instantly fell in love with her. Mainly with the way she is written and her overall design. Her dialogue sounds like a big corporation twitter account trying to relate to millennials and gen z. While I can see how some readers can have an issue with her dialogue, if you take a look at the social media accounts of larger companies, her dialogue is not that far off. Her fashion design and the split hair are very relevant to the time this issue was released and makes her really appear to be the social media influencer she is trying to be. I truly love her deflections during the interview between her and Cindy. They’re so well done and it feels like reading a cat and mouse game.

She gives me a Paris Hilton in the early 2000’s vibe with the appearance of being the stereotypical “dumb influencer”. Yet, she’s very smart and calculated, which shows during this interview scene. Furthermore, I love seeing antagonists like Saya Ishi. It’s a nice welcome compared to the big tough bad guy (there’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s just different). I am excited to read the next issue to see how her character develops with the story.


The art in this issue is fairly simple, especially when it comes to the lighting effects, shading, and backgrounds. This is not a bad thing or even a negative critique. This issue is dialogue-heavy and having fewer details and a more simplistic art makes for easy readability. The issue is done with a typical cel-shading, but with a nice texture to it. The coloring and shading remind me of a dry brush or even an oil paintbrush that I loved in Photoshop. Overall, the art is very well done in this issue and visually pleasing to look at.

Final Thoughts

I am in love with this series and it is only issue #3. The characters feel well thought out with tons of care put into them. I do hope we get to see more of Lola in future issues, as well as Saya Ishi’s dialogue. I am looking forward to seeing more scenes with Cindy and Saya. If you were thinking about picking up this issue, I would highly recommend it.


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