Sea of Stars #9 Review

Writers: Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum

Artist: Stephen Green

Colorist: Rico Renzi


Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Everyone’s looking for something, right? Life, Love, a sense of accomplishment. Maybe a space God, or even your lost kid. Well, that’s just a sample of what the characters in this cosmic tale are looking for as Sea of Stars #9 shows just how far people will go for what they’re looking for.


From the beginning, the comic lays out the motivations for Kadyn and his father Gil who are trying to find each other in the more dangerous parts of space. It does a solid job of establishing what the two characters are like for anyone new or in need of a refresher. The comic certainly doesn’t waste any time in setting up just what the main characters want and who and what is in their way.

One thing this series takes advantage of is the use of space whales and it’s more pulpier depiction of outer space. We get space sharks, space whales, vengeful space marauders, and the most massive of them all, the Leviathan. Green and Renzi provide excellent work in this comic especially during the battles as we see Gil unleash his powers on the others while Monkey (yes, it’s a talking monkey) does everything he can to stay yards away from the fighting.

On top of all that, the artists really know how to capture a sense of scale for the characters fighting since they’re fighting on space creatures and especially when they’re on the Leviathan. It certainly knows how to show just how big and impactful some of the characters’ actions are when compared against such titans. The comic definitely has some significant development for the story as we see the characters get closer and closer to achieving their goals, some more quickly than others.

Final Thoughts

Sea of Stars #9 gives readers solid story progression, good art, and some bloody action to go along with it. There’s also some significant story development for long-time readers of the series. For fans of the series, this is a solid recommendation for them.


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