Namor: Conquered Shores #1 Review

Writer: Christopher Cantwell

Art: Pasqual Ferry, 

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: October 12th, 2022

A century into the future, not much land remains on Earth. A combination of a worsening climate and a devastating war with the Kree has left the surface of the planet mostly inhospitable, with an ever-dwindling population of air-breathers and a profound lack of super heroes to protect them. Enter Namor, who these many years on is no longer King of Atlantis…but ruler of the entire world. Let’s see where this tale of the future takes us in Namor: Conquered Shores #1 by Christopher Cantwell.

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To this reviewer, “Elseworld” means no limits. Possible futures mean the world is their oyster (no pun intended). The creative team has the freedom to tell a crazy, outside-the-box story. And in this case, that story is about Namor and anything is on the table! To those 40 and older, this story is Marvel’s Waterworld minus Kevin Costner. And as awful as that may sound to so many out there, I can’t help but relish the opportunity to sway you into giving Namor: Conquered Shores #1 a try… as well as Waterworld.

First of all, I love the Kree angle as this series opens. It’s technical yet incredibly simple. My point is that sometimes writers try to spearhead these huge events that bring the end of the world when it is just as simple as what Cantwell introduces in Namor: Conquered Shores #1. It’s polarizing, brings the planet together, and does so in a way that makes sense to get the story flowing out of the gate. Plus, it flares this narrative wide open ultimately flipping the script putting the power in the hands of the individuals who control most of the planet… finally. However, the best part of Namor: Conquered Shores #1 is that no huge amount of backstory is required to read this one.

Cantwell gives the lay of the land quickly furnishing fans with the state of affairs. We see which supers are still alive, as well as some unique wrinkles for the remaining surface dwellers that could usher in some clever twists in future issues. Yet, these creative wrinkles are what add so much emotion and pain to this future dystopia. The surface is suffering badly leaving Namor in quite an awkward situation. We’ve all been there. Two different friend groups… family versus friends… work versus family… trying to juggle two or more different hats being a father, a boss, a friend, or a husband. My point is that Namor sees himself trying to balance this new life in his old age remembering the distant past where he felt excepted by the surface, the more recent past where he came across as a tyrant and villain, and now the future where he’s no longer King and more a figurehead. Remember, he is half-human. Does he really want to see the surface die out completely?


Pasqual Ferry and Matt Hollingsworth deliver a future dystopian world where the oceans have risen with this smooth, bright style that’s incredibly calming and natural. Joe Caramagna’s lettering towards the end of the issue involving Namor and Cage adds an extra level of tension with each swing or smack. Overall, the only knock I could give this art team is that they need to stay away from the six to nine-panel grids. It is too constricting for their abilities unless the focus within each panel is close-up shots and expressions. Otherwise, those grid styles mixed with some larger word balloons take away from the detail and beautiful appearance the opening pages embraced.


Namor: Conquered Shores #1 provides a new dystopian future similar to that resembled by the Hulk in Maestro but with a Kevin Costner Waterworld twist. Cantwell spends the majority of this first issue ushering in the lay of the land and catching all fans up on the whereabouts of the current climate within the book. It’s that foundation that helps fans quickly become grounded in this new future. However, it does take away the suspense and action that could have been birthed in this first installment of Namor: Conquered Shores. What I see more than anything else is the sheer potential that this series has. Right now, Cantwell could take this story in any direction. Will Namor side with the surface and remaining heroes? Will Atlantis and its new ruler turn on Namor and his old ways? Will a new threat come to destroy the planet causing a particular union?

With only the foundation built by Cantwell, Namor: Conquered Shores #1 could literally go in any direction. Moreover, I hope Cantwell revisits this Kree War and what happened to the other supers in that war. The potential of that story seems ready to burst at the seams. So, should we invest in Namor: Conquered Shores #1? Well, Cantwell furnishes a solid lay of the land (or sea) and puts everyone on equal footing as this story begins. He leaves some dangling questions and a variety of possible directions this series could go. Nevertheless, the action is limited and the suspense needs some work. Yet, I feel Cantwell was doing his best to get the essentials out of the way first in order to pick up the pace and action in the later issues. I recommend giving Namor: Conquered Shores #1 a shot especially if you’re looking for something different that ultimately has no limits and requires little background knowledge to dive in. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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