Punisher #3 Preview

Punisher #3 Preview: To finish his war once and for all, Frank Castle is molding the ninjas of the Hand into his own army of unstoppable killers, by teaching them the Way of the Punisher. The secret lies in a story from his past that he’s never revealed to anyone: the story of Frank’s first kill. Check out the Punisher #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Punisher #3 Preview

Hulk #7 Preview

Hulk #7 Preview – In the third installment of the epic crossover between the HULK and THOR series, Iron Man interrupts a pivotal moment of Hulk and Thor’s battle to settle a score. Equipped with new “Celestial Hulkbuster” armor of his own design, Tony is convinced that he can ensure Thor’s victory and Hulk’s capture. But sometimes what you don’t know really can hurt you… Check out the Hulk #7 Preview HERE! Continue reading Hulk #7 Preview

Devil’s Reign: Omega #1 Preview

Devil’s Reign: Omega #1 Preview
: In the wake of one of the most visceral DAREDEVIL, nay, MARVEL stories EVER, the Marvel Universe’s New York City stands remade and reforged — if not in Wilson Fisk’s image, then at the very least in his spirit! Check out the Devil’s Reign: Omega #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Devil’s Reign: Omega #1 Preview

Captain Carter #3 Preview

Captain Carter #3 Preview: Captain Carter has plenty on her hands already, wrestling with a betrayal from the very organization she thought she could trust. Is Tony Stark here to help? Or will he be just another complication at a time when Peggy’s life is full of them? Check out the Captain Carter #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Captain Carter #3 Preview

Savage Avengers #1 Preview

Savage Avengers #1 Preview: Since his exile from the Hyborian Age, Conan the Barbarian has conquered the most dangerous foes the modern Marvel Universe has to offer—but what happens when this hard-edged Cimmerian finds himself on the run from the cybernetic soldier of the future known as Deathlok? Check out the Savage Avengers #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Savage Avengers #1 Preview

Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #2 Preview

Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #2 Preview: HAN, CHEWIE and GREEDO have to pull off an impossible heist for JABBA THE HUTT!  But who can Han trust? SPOILER: Han breaks into his target’s safe, but you won’t believe what’s inside! Check out the Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #2 Preview

The Marvels #10 Preview

The Marvels #10 Preview -Our heroes thought they’d discovered the source of Lady Lotus’ power – but they’ve found something far greater. They find themselves in another world – a secret universe – full of mystery, unimaginable power, deadly danger and even heartbreak, for one of the Marvels.  Check out The Marvels #10 Preview HERE! Continue reading The Marvels #10 Preview

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20 Preview

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20 Preview -DOCTOR APHRA and SANA STARROS confront KHO PHON FARRUS at the heart of an ARCHAEOLOGICAL RUIN! But they’re all about to learn the horrifying truth behind the SPARK ETERNAL …and ONLY ONE will escape unscathed! Check out the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20 Preview

Iron Fist #3 Preview

Iron Fist #3 Preview- DANNY RAND’s search continues! But he’s about to realize that he isn’t the only one hunting for the mysterious new Iron Fist! As demons stalk K’UN-LUN and ugly histories are dragged into the light, the new Iron Fist will have to make a choice between his duty…and his conscience. Check out the Iron Fist #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Iron Fist #3 Preview

Fantastic Four #43 Preview

Fantastic Four #43 Preview: The last time the Cormorant appeared, he destroyed the Baxter Building and the Latverian Embassy, completely overpowered the Fantastic Four, and left without anyone laying a hand on him. Now, for the sake of the universe, Doctor Doom must face him alone. Hail Doom! Check out the Fantastic Four #43 Preview HERE! Continue reading Fantastic Four #43 Preview