Multiversity Teen Justice #3 Review

Writer: Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore
Art: Luciano Vecchio and Enrica Eren Agniolini
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 2nd, 2022

Two plotlines converge in Multiversity Teen Justice #3, another solid issue of the limited series featuring the Earth-11 gender-flipped version of the Teen Titans.   This issue is packed!  Teen Justice searches for Troy, Raven loses control of his soul-self, and Aquagirl struggles to survive on planet Domus Amoris (home of the Star Sapphires).  All this and the origin of Superwoman’s Fortress of Tranquility too!

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The Story

Earth-11, the setting for Multiversity Teen Justice #3, has become one of my favorite alternate Earths.  I love the concept of gender-flipped characters, and the characters on the Teen Justice team are all interesting.  There’s not a dull one in the bunch.
What’s great about this alternate Earth is that there are many other differences here than on Earth-Prime, and writers Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore are doing a great job of fleshing out these differences.

Most notably is that in the Earth-11 universe, the Star Sapphires serve as the “space cops” instead of the Green Lanterns.  There are still different colored rings, but the Star Sapphires are a force of good in the universe here.

Aquagirl, stranded on the Star Sapphire homeworld, has two crisis situations facing her:  she has to find a way to get off-world, and more importantly, she has to find a source of water, or she’ll die.  During her fight to survive, she comes across a startling secret.
That subplot was far more interesting to me than the main plot, where Teen Justice wrestles with Raven’s soul-self as they try to break through the magic-sealed door of the cult of Sister Blood’s headquarters to rescue Troy, who was kidnapped by them last issue.
Even though the characters were fumbling around in places, I enjoyed the interplay between them.  Each character is written with a unique personality and temperament, and the clashing personalities create dramatic and sometimes hilarious situations.  Supergirl is my favorite of the team, with her obsessively diplomatic mindset.  She wants to make everyone happy but is usually thwarted by Robin’s brooding and her skepticism of everyone.

Klarienne the Witch-Girl is a fun character too, gothic to the max, and never doing anything without her black cat at her side.  In one scene, she quietly sits in a chair, watching the others as they theorize, criticize, and try to get Raven to open up.  Then suddenly, she asks a question that cuts through all the chatter and sets the team in motion.  It’s like Klarienne has no time for wasted talk, and I can definitely sympathize with that. The issue ends with a fantastic cliffhanger that I can’t wait to see resolved next issue.

The Art

Luciano Vecchio’s art on Multiversity Teen Justice #3 complements the story and every character is drawn with a unique look, style, and posture. I especially love Supergirl and Aquagirl’s designs.  Aquagirl looks very similar to Storm from the X-Men books, with her long white hair and sleek features. The alien world of Domus Amoris is drawn like the surface of Mars, with a bleak red/pinkish landscape and wafting mist.  The caverns below Domus Amoris feel icy and claustrophobic as Aquagirl moves through them.

Final Thoughts

Multiversity Teen Justice #3 is a fun continuation of the limited series.  We get a lot more information on the universe of Earth-11, some more great character interplay between the team members, Aquagirl’s startling adventure on the Star Sapphire homeworld, and a doozy of a cliffhanger ending.


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