Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #1 Review

Writer: Gerald Goodwin
Art: Jacob Herring
Publisher: Independent
Price: Negotiable
Release Date: Now

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson


A brand-new self-published title from up-and-coming creators from Buffalo, New York. Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #1 features a kid being abducted by aliens and becoming a dinosaur and fighting monsters. Those who love anime, aliens or monster movies will love this story. There are some flaws, mainly the speech bubbles and fonts should be bigger, but it still has a thrilling aspect to it and a mysterious cliffhanger. Plus, Goodwin’s humor comes through the narration very well. 


The art is good, though not necessarily up to the same standards as professional comics. That being said, if you are a fan of anime or manga, you will definitely enjoy Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #1.  It draws much inspiration from that medium. You can definitely tell during the fight scenes. The sound effects look very cool to and almost pop off of the page. 


Overall, Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #1 is a fun story with good humor and suspense that leaves the reader wanting more. At the present time, the creators are working on designing a website to promote their comic, but more details should be available soon. The writer, Gerald Goodwin, can be reached on his Instagram at @writer_man716 if you have further inquiries.


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