Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1 Review

Writers: Various

Art: Various

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $9.99

Release Date: December 8th, 2021


Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1 is a celebration of the many Latin characters of Marvel.  The book features a collection of stories focusing on each character, as well as some nice extras like interviews with the writers and artists, and a history of the character White Tiger (which is interesting and makes you wonder why the character hasn’t been used more). Below is a summary of each story in Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1, including the featured character, the title of the story, the creative team, story synopsis, and my score for each:

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Eva Quintero & German Aguilar – “Just as Strange as You” (by Terry Blas &Julius Ohta & Erick Arciniega)

– Eva and German battle an alligator spirit. (8)

White Tiger (Hector Ayala) – “Pa’Lante Juntos” (by Daniel Jose Older & German Peralta & Jesus Aburtov)

– White Tiger battles King Basura in the ’70s. (8)

German Aguilar – “Mom’s Cooking” (by Edgar Delgado & Francisco Herrera)

– German gets unusual help to cook prepare a dish for the Strange Academy potluck dinner. (7)

White Tiger (Ava Ayala) – “Legados” (by Amparo Ortiz & Caio Majado & Dono Sanchez-Almara)

– The modern White Tiger battles the Tiger God for control of her powers. (9)

Reptil (Humberto Lopez) – “Corn Husks” (by Nico Leon & Felipe Sobreiro)

– Humberto prepares tamales for the Strange Academy potluck dinner but runs into unexpected trouble. (7)

Miles Morales and Anya Corazon – “Latinx and Proud” (by Julio Anta, Enid Balam, Oren Junior, and Federico Blee)

– Miles Morales and Anya Corazon prepare for a pro-immigration rally as they teach Miles’ mom about the term “Latinx”.  (8)

America Chavez & Amadeus Cho – “You’re Not Alone” (by Claribel A. Ortega, Adriana Melo, Victor Nava, and Dijjo Lima)

– America Chavez asks for Amadeus Cho’s help to find her sister, and the two-run into BIG trouble.  (8)

Robbie Reyes – “Hands” (by Karla Pacheco, Vanesa R. Del Rey & Felipe Sobreiro)

– Robbie Reyes assists in making tortillas (with a recipe!) (7)

Nina the Conjuror – “Fate and the Sorceror Supreme” (by Juan Ponce & Wilton Santos, Sean Parsons, and Dijjo Lima)

– Nina the Conjuror, the Sorceror Supreme of the 1950s, battle the Earth Goddess Ahnanga to save mankind. (9)

Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider) – “Loco-Motion” (by Yehudi Mercado, Mauro Fodra, Fernando Sifuentes of Protobunker Studios)

– Ghost Rider deals with a group of racist bullies. (8)

Iara dos Santos (Shark-Girl) – “Shark’s Hunt” (by Leonardo Romero)

– Shark-Girl looks for a dish to take to the Strange Academy potluck dinner. (7)

Gloria Munoz (Risque) – “Operation: New World” (by Desiree Proctor, Erica Harrell, Paco Medina, and Federico Blee)

– Risque investigates an alien moon to determine if it can be terraformed and inhabited. (8)

A splash page of all the characters by Gustavo Duarte (7)

Sunspot – “Homecoming” (by Alex Segura, Alba Glez, Jose Marzan Jr., Cris Peter)

– Sunspot battles two Reavers in a location from his past. (7)

Miles Morales and Black Panther (by David Betancourt, Alitha E. Martinez, Jose’ Marzan Jr., and Bryan Valenza) – “¿De Donde Eres?”

– Miles fights The Shocker at a Brookly charity event where Black Panther is a guest, and later, Miles and Black Panther discuss their heritage. (8)


Final Thoughts

Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1 lets each Latin character in the Marvel pantheon shine and gives a wonderful look into Latin culture.  I found the Ava Ayala (White Tiger) story and the Nina the Conjuror story the gems of the book.  Nina the Conjuror seems like a fascinating character that I hope to see again in the future.


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