Maestro #5 Review

Writer: Peter David

Art: German Peralta, Jesus Aburtov, VC’s Ariana Maher, Jason Keith, and Dale Keown


Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 23rd, 2020

This week signals the Final Key Note in Peter David’s symphony that’s been years in the making. The Hulk is no more and the era of the Maestro has finally arrived! Let’s smash into the concluding issue of MAESTRO #5 by Peter David to see if any more secrets from FUTURE IMPERFECT are unveiled before this simple lullaby turns into a death march! All Hail Maestro!

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Peter David has made this series short, sweet, and to the point. And this week, MAESTRO #5 doesn’t disappoint. From start to finish, this fast-paced, action-packed narrative was jammed packed with excitement and entertainment. Plus, there were two shocking moments that this reader never saw coming that added that extra punch to this issue. Additionally, those powerful scenes were made truly effective by German Peralta’s outstandingly vivid and thoroughly explosive illustrations. There is a splash page of a “man on fire” that’s incredibly jaw-dropping. Furthermore, Banner’s facial expression as he reacts to the “man on fire” adds so much depth to the issue.

Furthermore, I’ve enjoyed David’s take on MAESTRO. Looking back at FUTURE IMPERFECT, the Maestro seemed almost unstoppable. However, that hasn’t been the case at all in this series, including this final issue. It’s been quite the opposite. So, we’ve witnessed his rise to power through scheming and cleverness. However, will MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX focus more on the growth of his abilities or his rule? Either way, I’m super excited for what’s to come. David could have rushed through these five issues and got readers directly to FUTURE IMPERFECT. But instead, he took his time showing this fan that there will be even more stories to unfold about MAESTRO in the next couple of years other than WAR AND PAX.

Moreover, David throws in some wildly creative curveballs that elevated this closing issue of MAESTRO. Additionally, David doesn’t overflow the story with excessive dialogue and lets Peralta’s art help tell the tale. I can’t tell you enough how fun this concluding issue of MAESTRO was. The only real dislike about this entire culminating issue was how it ended, mainly the last two pages. Truthfully, it came across as a bit too corny. Granted, I’m ok with it… but I wish it was handled with the same imagination and ingenuity that drove this entire series. I feel like the last two pages were placed in there for humor as well tongue and cheek. Nevertheless, it came across too rushed and even forced as opposed to how this entire series was mapped out.


Peter David has had such a great year at MARVEL COMICS, particularly because of his freedom to write more outside of the 616 Universe. Frankly, his SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN series, as well as MAESTRO have been quiet successes. Heck, if MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX wasn’t arriving next month, I’d be crushed that this series was ending. There is still so much more I want to know. Besides, MAESTRO has been a true smash hit. Each issue has been nonstop action surrounded by clever plot threads that add so many creative layers and foundations to FUTURE IMPERFECT. David made the series new user-friendly, clear, precise, explosive, and inventive. Additionally, with Peralta’s expertise, there isn’t anything more to ask for from a series. Plus, it’s been the perfect variety from IMMORTAL HULK each month, which is also truly excellent. Not only will I be grabbing this final issue but I’m probably picking up the trade as well. I highly recommend grabbing the series in trade. You can thank me later.


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