Justice Society of America #1 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art:  Mikel Janín, Jordie Bellaire, Jerry Ordway, Scott Kolins, Steve Lieber, Brandon Peterson, John Kalisz, Jordan Boyd, Rob Leigh, Yanick Paquette, and Nathan Fairbairn

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: November 29th, 2022

The JSA returns in this monthly series by writer Geoff Johns and artist Mikel Janín with “Justice Society of America: The New Golden Age Part One”! The world’s first and greatest superheroes return! Or do they? A long-lost hero from the JSA crashes into our era with a grave warning… but it’s too late. A mysterious and malevolent enemy has invaded the entire history of the JSA, and an all-new team must come together to defeat it. But what deadly secret does this messenger from beyond keep? Where are they from? And why is all of this happening now? Let’s dive into Justice Society of America #1 and find out!

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Readers start off thrown deep into this story involving the past, present, and future of… Batman! However, the focus of this opening installment of the Justice Society of America #1 was on the future of Batman spun out of the comics related to Tom King’s run. That’s right, Helena Wayne leads the charge this week as we see a new legacy of JSA and get a quick rundown of the new crew. However, the focus of Justice Society of America #1 centers around the search for Doctor Fate who’s been missing after reaching out to The Huntress (Helena Wayne) for help.


I like the unique backstories of the new team and the dilemma/ controversy it brings attention to. Additionally, I wonder what state of affairs the future is in that the villains’ offspring are the ones making up the new JSA. However, it’s the abrupt slide by the “special guest” into the comic that energizes this issue and takes an average, humdrum story to the next level. Johns simply has a way of taking a regular, run-of-the-mill story, and throwing something completely insane into the mix that juices the narrative up a notch. That said, he does it well and it’s strategically planned. This sprint reveal was set up and staged perfectly to knock readers off their feet and done with purpose and intent showcasing the genius of Johns writing style and prowess.

However, it gets even better as this story you thought took place in the future reverberates into the past faster than a toupee in a hurricane. This sucker drives forward leaving tons of questions at the readers’ feet. And truthfully, even the direction Justice Society of America #1 is angled to go. Sure, we want to know the killer of Doctor Fate. But, why did our “special guest” pop in, and what’s his purpose? I mean, he threw a wicked wretch into this comic without any rhyme or reason, so why? Beats me… but I’m hooked and I think you’ll be hooked on this mystery too!


Geoff Johns is an outstanding writer. I think very few fans would disagree. However, the aspect of his work that I feel gets overlooked the most is his ability to choose whatever artist he wants to work with. Frankly, who would say no? My point is that Johns always gets the very best to work on his books elevating his stories immensely. Now, I’m not saying Justice Society of America #1 is an average story. However, I am saying that anyone who follows comics knows that an outstanding plot can’t cover up horrendous art and design. Nevertheless, the reverse is entirely true.

So now imagine you’re one of the most well-written, well-spoken of writers. Who wouldn’t want to work with you? Next, imagine the pomp and circumstance surrounding Tom King’s Batman run. And now, take the two best aspects of both and put them into a comic. You get some of the best art to come out of DC in the past decade coupled with some of the best writing in that same span. It’s a match made in Heaven for any comic fan.

Mikel Janín offers this sense of realism that I simply can’t get enough of. Every character has emotion and energy mixed with this sense of raw feeling and depth. The colors are calm, almost dull, and flat yet somehow add to the definition of the characters involved. However, it’s the minor nuisances I can’t get enough of in Justice Society of America #1. Take a look at Helena versus Selena. They look related ( as they should), except Helena is younger. Or zoom in on the facial expressions and physical pain from Power Girl and the rest of the JSA as this issue concludes. The intensity of the blood splatter, the color changes with extremely violent action, and the strategic panel placement of the action mixed with Johns story beats will undoubtedly cause this series to climb the charts making it a top book for DC Comics.


Justice Society of America #1 is a cold open mystery that morphs into a totally different enigma before the first issue comes to a wrap. Johns will leave readers with a variety of unanswered questions and motivations. However, it’s those intense questions mixed with Janín’s incredibly detailed and smooth art style that will leave fans excited for more. To the readers that want the JSA but don’t find “exactly” the team you’re looking for as Justice Society of America #1 opens, just hang in there for some clever wrinkles and blood-stained story beats to come. Eventually, we’ll get the crew you’re looking for. But until then, enjoy a story that takes you on a whirlwind trip from the future directly to the past… and beyond.

Justice Society of America #1 is a strong open providing an outstanding place for fans to jump in. I know this may sound silly to say with this being number one BUT it is a great place to jump in. You don’t need a ton of background knowledge to understand what’s going on. Nevertheless, it would be helpful if you read a bit of Flashpoint Beyond to understand who the character is at the end, as well as some of King’s Batman run to get a few more wrinkles involving Helena Wayne. That said, it’s not necessary to reasonably understand the issue and enjoy the heck out of it. Readers, I can’t recommend Justice Society of America #1 enough. It’s got Johns and Janín in it for Pete’s Peppers. Call up your shop and add it to your list. Otherwise, click on my links in the article to grab it post haste. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!



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