Jurassic League #1 Review

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Art: Juan Gedeon, Mike Spicer, and Ferran Delgado

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: May 10th, 2022

I think you know how the story goes by now, right? An alien crashes and lands on a planet that is raised by humans. A goddess lost in time finds the world for the first time. And of course, there’s the T-Rex who dons a cape and cowl to bring down evil once and for all. You know the tale, right? Well, at least most of the story! Anyway, let’s jump into JURASSIC LEAGUE #1 by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon as these two join together to protect a prehistoric planet from the wicked archetype known only as Darkseid.

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This may not be the phrase Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon want to hear, but JURASSIC LEAGUE #1 is “edgy cute”. Now, would you want to show some of the graphic items to your kid? Probably not. However, the new prehistoric comparisons to DC COMIC favorites have an almost endearing quality to them that made the read quite rewarding.

Many might spend their time wondering how a dinosaur BATMAN could even exist in the first place. Yet, I’d argue if that’s your focus as you read JURASSIC LEAGUE #1, I think you missed the mark. Johnson and Gedeon meant for this series to simply be entertaining with some intriguing parallels in an alternate Universe designed for something that “could” be read with your kids if need be.

Now, JURASSIC LEAGUE #1 isn’t just about the dinosaur BATMAN. It also focuses on a plethora of JUSTICE LEAGUE members and villains juxtaposed as dinosaurs. However, the WONDER WOMAN section may have been a bit too wordy at times slowing down the pace of the narrative.

Overall, the Dino BATMAN section was by far the best followed closely by the Supersaur section. Additionally, after the Dino BATMAN section, the tone became less graphic and much easier for a child to digest and have fun with as a story a parent could share with their son or daughter.


Juan Gedeon’s style was a bit edgy at times but still catered towards a younger audience. Mike Spicer’s colors were bright and vibrant and mixed well with Gedeon’s design and technique which came across as a bit more rough mixed with some extra linework in some spots. Truthfully, it was the Dino BATMAN section that came across more clean and crisp than anything else throughout JURASSIC LEAGUE #1 and helped make that story by far the most intriguing.


JURASSIC LEAGUE #1 is a fun, quick read that does exactly what you think it would do by creating a kid-friendly dinosaur JUSTICE LEAGUE that parents can share with their children. The art was definitely a bit more graphic at the beginning of the issue and became more age-appropriate as the comic progressed. However, I’d still strongly recommend JURASSIC LEAGUE #1 for new, younger reads to dip their toes into the comic landscape in a safe and wildly entertaining way. If you’re looking for a comic to share or simply ignite an interest in your son or daughter to read comics, this could be that comic. Give it a try, let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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