Infinite Frontier #4 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Paul Pelletier, Jesús Merino, Raul Fernandez, Hi-Fi, Norm Rapmund, Tom Napolitano, Xermanico, and Mitch Gerads

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: August 10th, 2021

President Calvin Ellis (A.K.A. SUPERMAN of Earth 23) and Thomas Wayne (FLASHPOINT BATMAN) find themselves searching for answers from one of SUPERMAN’S greatest enemies. Meanwhile, Bones and Chase endeavor to prevent superheroes and villains alike from bridging Multiversal lines for good. And, that includes the Justice Incarnate! So, if these two Earth-0 agents can close down Calvin and his Multiversal team permanently, they believe that it will deter others from ever doing the very same. Nevertheless, Agent Chase and Bones may have more than one “Incarnate” to be concerned with before INFINITE FRONTIER #4 by Joshua Williamson comes to a close. Let’s dive in and take a look!

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Williamson provides some clarity in this week’s INFINITE FRONTIER. Furthermore, before readers conclude this issue, Bones’ goal and purpose begin to shine through the rugged exterior. Some of the puzzle pieces begin to fit together nicely while readers continue to search for a few more edges as their guide. Plus, each of Williamson’s mini-stories begins to converge with Earth Omega as its destination. Readers will still leave with a few questions as to who is really working with whom as well as who’s pulling all the strings behind the scenes. I, for one, am still all in on this series!


FLASHPOINT BATMAN and President SUPERMAN make an outstanding team. Surprisingly, it’s a combination I never knew I wanted, nor did I ever think I’d ever see. However, I loved it. Furthermore, this reviewer was truly shocked to discover the big reveal at the end of the issue. I genuinely didn’t see it coming and can’t wait for the next installment to see where this leads.

Moreover, Williamson is attempting to do his part in redirecting/ fixing Thomas Wayne from his Tom King BATMAN experience. Sadly, it’s best if fans just forget that Thomas Wayne had anything to do with that entire run. And, I think Williamson understands that fans weren’t thrilled with FLASHPOINT BATMAN’S role in that outcome either. Hence, it looks like Williamson’s mission is to acknowledge what happened in King’s BATMAN run and move past it like Jeremy Adams is doing in THE FLASH right now with Wally West.


Nevertheless, this issue of INFINITE FRONTIER was missing Psycho Pirate and THE FLASH. Plus, it had little to do with Roy Harper again. Sure, the Bones elements are getting flushed out more AND were so much more interesting than they had been in the past. Yet, the two big draws to this reviewer (Barry and Roy) were barely touched in this issue. What is Psycho Pirate up to? Why was Roy chosen as a BLACK LANTERN? Where is Darkseid throughout all of this? Again, we get more, a betrayal, and some direction in this issue. However, it still feels like there is a ton of meat on the bone that Williamson needs to cook up.


This issue was extremely busy. Readers will quickly discover that this issue of INFINITE FRONTIER has a ton going on. Yet, the strategic placement of the two-page spreads and splash pages really made the issue come to life. Plus, at each key moment, this art team amplified specific panels and drew the reader’s attention exactly where they needed to be in the story. As always, Tom Napolitano’s lettering formed the perfect guide to usher this reviewer throughout the issue with ease. Sure, there were a ton of moving pieces that occasionally made INFINITE FRONTIER #4 seem cluttered at times. However, this creative team worked well together to navigate the reader exactly where they needed to be at just the right time.


Williamson and his creative team use INFINITE FRONTIER #4 as the turning point in the story where everything starts to come together. The team’s vision begins to take shape causing readers to finally dive into some well-deserved speculation which fans love so dear. Williamson provides intrigue, imagination, deception, development, and convergence (but not DC CONVERGENCE). Plus, it seems like past blunders continue to be gradually rectified, which does take some time. However, readers should take notice that it feels like fans are being heard and the direction seems promising. Now, am I as excited as I was after INFINITE FRONTIER #1? No. However, I’m becoming more and more convinced that INFINITE FRONTIER will be the beginning of something bold and promising for DC COMICS for years to come.


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