Guardians Of The Galaxy #11 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Juann Cabal

Colors: Federico Blee

Cover Artists: Rafael Albuquerque & Marcello Maiolo

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Guardians are back together! Probably. Sort of. Maybe. Well, we’ll see how long they last with each other in Guardians of The Galaxy #11, while they prepare for the real battle. Which can’t get here soon enough, for the Guardians’ sake.

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This is a comic about bitter reunions and discussions as the story takes the Guardians back to their roots, where they began, and hopefully where they don’t end. We get some flashbacks to simpler times, when the Guardians were more unified compared to where they’re at now. We see the reunions readers expect, you know which ones. You see some more discussion on topics that you may or may not feel needed to be had in the first place. Ultimately, this comic is more introspective as the Guardians gather themselves before a great fight with the revived Olympians.

Readers will get more of Cabal’s art and impressive colors by Blee in this comic. Their illustration and colors continue to be a huge strength of this comic as we see them on full display.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #11 Spoilers:

Okay, lets get to it. This comic is mostly setup. There’s no getting around it. It’s about the Guardians going through their emotions from past events with some trying to work out how they feel about each other, themselves, and what lies ahead for them. To little success. I wasn’t kidding when I said this comic was all about bitter reunions as we see Gamora punch Peter in the face. As you’d expected. Though not before he calls her by another name. Thankfully, she didn’t quite catch that or Gamora would’ve sliced off his family jewels.

The comic mainly focuses on two groups of characters: the trinity of Peter, Richard Rider & Gamora with Phyla and the newly fused Moondragon. That last part is important since we saw two Moondragons fuse together body and mind a couple issues ago and Phyla is creeped out by this. The new Moondragon tries to work it out in mental telepathy but it only makes the situation worse. Richard makes some progress with Peter. They have the more wholesome interaction of the bunch, feeling like two brothers-in-arms finally back together again and ready to take on whatever the Universe throws at them.

However, that brings up the Olympians. They’ve been an afterthought this entire story arc. It feels like ever since they went cosmic, they’ve been degraded from compelling characters to flat, one-dimensional villains. They’re merely a plot device to make things happen and move along. Heck, some people might forget that the main reason the cosmic Olympians are even attacking the Guardians is because Peter still has some of their powers locked in his Element Gun. That and he imprisoned them in it. We’ll see if anything interesting happens with them and the Guardians in the next issue.

Final Thoughts

This comic issue is the calm before the storm as the Guardians use their time for some emotional recollection. Some more successful than others while they prepare for the final battle with the Olympians. If you’re looking for a story with the Guardians in action, then wait for the next issue.


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