Gamma Flight #4 Review

Writers: Al Ewing & Crystal Frasier

Artist: Lan Medina

Color Artist: Antonio Fabela

Cover Artists: Leinil Francis Yu & Sunny Gho

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Gamma Flight team is back and ready to move. After rescuing the new gamma mutate Stockpile from a newly re-mutated Skaar, the son of the Hulk, they finally have some answers about Project Green Spring. They also know who the main enemy is: Emil Blocky aka The original Abomination is back and Gamma Flight #4 shows what the team is going to do about it.

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This issue is pretty much 60% talking and 40% action and suspense. Not much happens in the beginning beyond the team finally getting a game plan together and taking the fight to The Abomination, Skaar, and Dr. Alba. Almost everyone’s talents and skills are put to good use in this comic, which is always hard to do with team books. It certainly makes good use of Dionne, aka Stockpile, in this comic.

This comic has Stockpile narrate her backstory and how she came to possess her powers as a new gamma mutate. Some of it’s good and some of it is bland, it varies from what she’s talking about in particular scenes. It also gives a glimpse into how Green Spring operates but doesn’t give too many juicy details away. Like how The Abomination came back, or how he met Dr. Alba and Skaar. That will likely come in the final issue.

The art team of Len Medina and Antonio Fabela do a good job here with visually depicting the characters and monsters within the comic. Whether it’s Stocpile before and after her operation, the various members of Gamma Flight. Not to mention Skaar and his Gamma forces as well as The Abomination when he’s posing as General Fortean and just as his regular self. They also do a good job with the action in certain panels and manage to pull off some cool single page moments in the comic.

There is definitely some small bits of social commentary in the comic on a specific subject. I’m not going to say what and where you’ll find it but it’s here and there in the comic, you won’t be able to miss it. This isn’t new for Al Ewing’s stories, let alone his Hulk stories as he always sneaks in some social commentary in The Immortal Hulk series. For me, they’re hit-or-miss since some of it feels unnecessary given what Bruce and the Hulk usually go through in the comic is more than enough thematic storytelling.

Other than that, the comic does leave with a big cliffhanger for one of the characters on the team that will have some huge implications considering their current state. But it looks like fans can expect to see some cool action in the final issue as the series draws to a close in issue #5.

Final Thoughts:

Gamma Flight #4 shows the penultimate chapter in this team’s story as they form a plan to fight Project Green Spring. The writers manage to make most of the team contribute to the comic’s story and utilize their skills and talents to help in some way. Readers get some answers to Dionne, aka Stockpile, and her time in Green Spring, but not much on The Abomination, Skaar, and Dr. Alba. Fans will likely have to check in with the final issue for more answers as well as the final confrontation between Gamma Flight and The Abomination.


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