Gamma Flight #2 Review

Writer: Al Ewing & Crystal Frasier

Artist: Lan Medina

Color Artist: Antonio Fabela

Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu & Sunny Gho

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Gamma Flight are fugitives on the run, but that’s not stopping them from getting into the affairs of other gamma mutates. When the team tried to rescue a distressed gamma mutate called Stockpile, they realized they stumbled into a new danger. But before the team can get anywhere, they must face against Skaar. Gamma Flight #2 shows just how the team fares against the savage son of the Hulk.


Let’s be clear, the star of this comic is Skaar. It really goes all the way to show off that the son of the Hulk is back in action and loving every second of it as he pounds away at both Doc Sasquatch and Titania. However, anyone expecting a deep dive into his character or anything like that will be disappointed. The character drama is centered squarely on Doc Sasquatch and Titania.

The problem though is that the drama between the two is very overblown as Titania continues to give Samson grief over wanting to be heroic and actually help people and not be a criminal, like her and Absorbing Man. Meanwhile, Doc Sasquatch keeps getting the tar kicked out of him and there’s never any cool action with him. The comic really wants to set up some kind of redemption story for Samson, even inflating one or two mistakes he made from the previous issue as being bigger than they really were. If nothing else, it feels forced and inorganic to the plot. However, mileage will vary from reader to reader on that part of the story.

The comic does get the rest of the team involved as everyone gets a piece of the action. Well, almost everyone. There are also several new developments that take place in the comic as well, concerning the new Hulk response forces. It also gives some new reveals on who the main villains are and some implications as to what their goal is. It’s certainly going to be a big reveal for new and longtime Hulk fans alike.

By the end, the comic provides some big developments, setting up an uncertain fate for the Gamma Flight team, and raises the stakes with the reveal of the main villains. But any Skaar fans looking for answers on the character – where he’s been or how he got his powers back – will have to wait a bit longer for them.

Final Thoughts:

Gamma Flight #2 picks up right where it left off in the previous issue as the team face off against Skaar, the Hulk’s son. The comic invests its star power in Skaar, showing him in action kicking all kinds of tail, while investing the character drama and development with the Gamma Flight team. Anyone expecting big reveals for Skaar will be slightly disappointed, but the comic does provide some answers as to who the main villains are, and Hulk fans will certainly get a kick out of it.


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