Flashpoint Beyond #1 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan

Art: Xermánico, Mikel Janín, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: May 3rd, 2022

The FLASHPOINT Universe is back… somehow and in some way. However, the only person who seems to remember the events from the original FLASHPOINT are Thomas Wayne. And after attempting to recreate Barry Allen as the FLASH once again only to kill him in the process, Thomas Wayne searches for answers as to why AQUAMAN would even know to try to sabotage his experiment in the first place. Let’s race into FLASHPOINT BEYOND #1 by Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan as they lead the charge in resurrecting one of the best events to ever hit DC COMICS!!

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Even though FLASHPOINT BEYOND #1 is cluttered with monologuing and heavy dialogue, Johns, Adams, and Sheridan still find a creative intensity and rhythm to the story which was very reminiscent of DOOMSDAY CLOCK. There was just something about the pacing that revealed this inner fury deep insight of Thomas Wayne as the story unfolded.

Moreover, even though this resurrected Multiverse still garners tons of questions, the present actions of the characters stayed true to form to the original FLASHPOINT and furnished their logical conclusions. Plus, Thomas Wayne BATMAN fit the bill perfectly mirroring his original machination, unlike the silly take by Tom King. His anger and subtle, almost clever, maneuvering to take on AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN, not only flowed quickly and naturally within the story, but held true to form with the reality of the original FLASHPOINT.

Additionally, I loved the call back to THE BUTTON and the injection of Barry into the comic right as it ends, however, readers ultimately learn very little as to the why and the how which was a bit frustrating. For as fast as FLASHPOINT BEYOND #1, all Johns, Adams, and Sheridan really shared was the current landscape of the FLASHPOINT Universe. It was more or less a “State of a Union” and a place for readers to regain their footing before venturing into the comic. This strategy isn’t necessarily bad but after multiple rereads, I couldn’t find many hidden nuggets pointing towards any of the why’s and how’s other than Bruce’s involvement.

Furthermore, I’m not a fan of positioning Bruce Wayne BATMAN as the responsible party. Granted, the creative team is extremely talented at the sleight of hand and misdirection within their stories. And I’m sure that’s the current intent. But alas, my hope is that Bruce isn’t trying to somehow rectify past events nor is he trying to somehow save his father by placing him back in this cracked timeline where his son was murdered. Nevertheless, I’m confident Johns wouldn’t go down that path but is probably utilizing Bruce as a red herring.


Xermánico shines in multiple areas as FLASHPOINT BEYOND continues. His panel layouts and progressions play out almost as if you’re watching a movie. Look no further than the sequences involving Thomas Wayne BATMAN, AQUAMAN, and WONDER WOMAN. Those panels flow incredibly well and he levels up the zeal of the issue. Additionally, Xermánico continues the grizzled and dark nature of Thomas Wayne masterfully. For those that forget, he’s 20 years removed from the events surrounding Bruce’s death. At the absolute youngest, we are looking at a 50-year-old man (who’s probably closer to 60) fighting Atlanteans and Amazons.

Xermánico helps keep the fights as realistic as possible while maintaining the dark and violent nature that surrounds Thomas Wayne BATMAN. Yet as a side note, the only real knock I can give this art team were the two-page spreads. Not only were they back to back but they were also less detailed and didn’t really offer up much to the issue other than providing space for the heavier organized dialogue sections. I understand why they were used but they felt like wasted pages.


FLASHPOINT BEYOND #1 is fast-paced, crammed with follow-up events to the original FLASHPOINT, and cluttered with intensity and anger from an assortment of characters. Fans of the original FLASHPOINT need to get their hands on this issue. However, very few clues are given to the how and the why of this series. Furthermore, the direction of FLASHPOINT BEYOND #2 could be practically anywhere. Clues relating to Bonnie Baxter and Starman are dropped at the beginning of the issue but don’t really add much to the story nor provide much detailed narrative other than to “say” they were mentioned when the eventual reveal happens.

But technically, we’re told nothing. Does that take away from the story? Truthfully, a little bit. I felt like we didn’t even get the tip of the carrot. And after two issues of FLASHPOINT BEYOND, I was hoping for a bit more clues as to the how and why. Nevertheless, this was a terrific story laying out the landscape of the FLASHPOINT world at large and provided fans with a high-octane, action-packed look at the state of affairs pumping up readers for what’s to come. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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