Fantastic Four #5 Review

Fantastic Four (2022) #5

Writer: Ryan North

Artist: Ivan Fiorelli

Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov

Cover Artist: Alex Ross

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four are reunited and it’s good vibes all around. The team is back together and it seems like they’re making their way to the home of the Thing’s sweet Aunt Petunia. But of course, trouble arrives not shortly after they reunite and leads to another battle for the team. See what trouble finds the team in Fantastic Four #5.

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Ok, there’s two things I can say about this comic. First, it’s a great side adventure for the Fantastic Four that really brings out the talent in the characters, writing, and art. On the other hand, this comic is pretty much a skippable comic book. Despite any praise that this reviewer will give in this review for this comic, readers can honestly just skip this issue and wait for the next one. Everything about reads like a nice disposable adventure that doesn’t really progress anything about the characters or the main plot. It’s just a neat little side adventure.

Firstly, the synopsis is right on the money. Unlike most comics at both Marvel and DC Comics, the person writing the synopses for this series’ issues has been on fire. It gives you something that actually happens in the book while leaving the real meat of the story left for readers to find out for themselves. The Fantastic Four are just driving, yes, driving, their way to meet the Thing’s sweet old Aunt Petunia until a traffic jam stops them and they find out it’s none other than Nick Scratch and his children the Salem Seven. Don’t worry, he’s not in the comic for long. He and his kids come in, do their stuff, fight the FF for a little while, and leave when Scratch does what he came to do.

Surprisingly enough, Ryan North once again excels at handling the FF and their supporting cast with more care than most writers these past years. He doesn’t write Nick Scratch and his Salem Seven like Z-list losers, he actually bothers to make them credible foes for the heroes to fight, especially Nick Scratch. Thanks to that, the new artist Ivan Fiorelli gets to show off his stuff in this fight with Nick Scratch’s magic. Trust me, you won’t be able to miss it. On top of that, when the FF discover what’s been done to them, North manages to fit in some real world science with good old-fashioned technobabble that fits with the FF to explain what will happen to them and why they need to do what comes next to fix themselves.

What’s better is that North gives opportunities for each member to actually contribute in the solution. You see Ben contribute the way he does best, Johnny gets to help, naturally Sue chips in, and Reed brings it all home with his genius and flexible mind and body. Real quick, this series has done a great job in getting mileage of Mr. Fantastic casually using his stretching powers in not only fights but in all other activities. And Ivan Fiorelli really takes it a step further in this issue with Mr. Fantastic’s powers. By the end, things are resolved, and the heroes continue to make their way to Aunt Petunia’s home for the next issue.

Final Thoughts:

Fantastic Four #5 has some old foes face the Fantastic Four, but there’s more to their fight than just the battle. Nick Scratch and the Salem Seven come in, fight, and once they’ve accomplished their goal, the real story is seeing the Fantastic Four figure out what to do next to fix the problem. The writing is good, and the art from Ivan Fiorelli is excellent and maintains the visual energy and action from the past issues. Overall, the comic is a fun side adventure with the Fantastic Four.


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