Detective Comics #1062 Review

Writer: Ram V with a Backup by Simon Spurrier

Art: Rafael Albuquerque, Dani, Dave Stewart, and Ariana Maher

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $5.99

Release Date: July 26th, 2022

It’s a brand new era for DETECTIVE COMICS as DC introduces Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque to the highly coveted comic. Jointly, these two will be bending BATMAN and Gotham into a tragically gorgeous gothic masterpiece like we’ve never seen before beginning with something changing Bruce to the core causing him to challenge his very mortality. Nevertheless, as BATMAN contemplates the ballads and demons of Gotham, he is forced to realize that maybe he’s had demons deep inside all along. Let’s dive into DETECTIVE COMICS #1062 by Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque to see how this twisted tale begins.

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I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for new blood on both BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS. With Chip Zdarsky on BATMAN and now Ram V on DETECTIVE COMICS, I feel like DC COMICS has put the character back in a good place from the recent nonsense that has encompassed the character. Now, I know some may be a bit more hesitant of Ram V taking on DETECTIVE COMICS concerning his background on some more “horrifying” tales as well as the diverse (almost eclectic) style he’s traversed since the beginning of his writing journey. Nonetheless, I feel he provides the perfect set of new, fresh lenses to grab ahold of the character and take him in an all-new direction. And frankly, we need a new direction!

As for DETECTIVE COMICS, it most certainly has “a touch of V” with its gothic tones and almost nightmarish art style by Albuquerque. This inaugural issue of DETECTIVE COMICS #1062 has shades of fright and unearthly evil that spill out instantly providing an atmosphere that’s sure to keep fans on the edge of their seat. However, we don’t get much by means of a story involving BATMAN quite yet. Other than a run-in with Talia, a dream involving a past Scott Snyder addition, and a deed to Gotham, DETECTIVE COMIC fans don’t get very much at all. Sure, we can speculate but that’s about all we get in DETECTIVE COMICS #1062.

What stood out the most about Ram V’s take was that his BATMAN felt smart, calculated, levelheaded, invested, and made adjustments. He seemed like a… detective. Who would have thought? This BATMAN wasn’t 12 steps ahead or had triple contingency dental plans. He made mistakes and surmises his next steps unlike the recent iterations of the character dating back to almost 2016 now! Plus, we finally hit on problems connected to his age making him appear more human and less Bat-god. Sure, after one issue, it’s hard to say V’s Bruce is perfect. But, it appears to be on the right track.


Rafael Albuquerque provides exactly what you’d expect to coincide with a Ram V story and he does it incredibly well. The gothic tone and atmosphere are directly related to Albuquerque’s art style. The thrills, especially in the opening pages, are almost haunting which created an intimate tale with the reader and Bruce. However, as much as this reviewer understands the purpose of the style and artistic choice, the design was almost too dark in spots causing my eye to stumble in multiple areas making the comic harder to read. It’s almost as if Albuquerque placed too many shadows in the narrative.


Ultimately, Ram V throws a ton of ingredients into this chili hoping to add that exact spice that not only makes it Five Alarm but helps it win the overall Grand Prize. The problem is, like any good chili, it takes time for all the ingredients and flavors to commingle and thicken to perfection. So, Ram V has merely used DETECTIVE COMICS #1062 as a way to set the stage and showcase all the ingredients well. However, every homemade chili creator knows, that the best chili requires the best, choice of meats, as well as homegrown vegetables. And that DETECTIVE COMICS fans is what Ram V is setting up in this inaugural tale.

He’s making DETECTIVE COMICS his own. Please bear with him and give the man some grace as he spends the first six to eight issues laying the foundation. Nevertheless, Ram V’s past practice dictates that the story will come together and the payoff will be worth your time. The man can write people. Yet, I can completely understand the difficulty many will have in reviewing THIS issue with the ambiguity, mystery, and darker story beats more reminiscent of a horror comic than a BATMAN title. As someone who’s read a ton of V’s work, I can see the world building BUT I can understand why others unfamiliar may look at this single issue confused and want more. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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