DC Vs. Vampires #9 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV & Matthew Rosenberg

Art: Otto Schmidt, Tom Napolitano, and Guillem March

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: September 27th, 2022

Our heroes separated and outstretched the planet to formulate one final assault against King Dick! However, will Green Arrow’s assignment pressure him into combat against an old friend? Let’s dive into DC Vs. Vampires #9 by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg as fans discover what atrocities await within Gotham as well as Black Manta’s secret mission.

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Tynion and Rosenberg split this tale into three simultaneous stories as DC Vs. Vampires #9 continues. Two of the tales become more of the focus while the Gotham City gang catches up with the recent DC Vs. Vampires one-shots. So, if Canary’s crew was why you’ve checked out this issue, you’ll be a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, the most interesting aspect of DC Vs. Vampires #9 was the Old Man Hawkeye vibes this reviewer felt while Oliver’s story continues to spin out. There’s just something about a hard-nosed, bad$&$, Punisher-esque, Archer that grabs this comic fan’s attention. Is it the simplicity of a man with a bow taking down supercharged vampires with ease that excites me? Could be. Either way, DC Vs. Vampires #9 was rather edgy thanks to one Oliver Queen.

The other tale wasn’t bad by any stretch. Yet, it didn’t really catch this reader’s eye. The Black Manta reveal was interesting but I think Tynion and Rosenberg were expecting a bit more shock and awe with this parallel tale than what transpired. Nevertheless, the fight continues on multiple fronts and the quick simultaneous display does a fantastic job of leaving readers wanting more as each story jumps to the next. More tension and more suspense were centered on the Archer than on those searching for Australia. I hope that Tynion and Rosenberg continue to draw more attention in this direction as well as the Gotham City/ Damian angle in the future. That’s where I feel their bread and butter is for this story.


Otto Schmidt depicts a startling quantity of dark, vividly violent pages. Unlike the last issue of DC Vs. Vampires, this one was almost dull with color, flat, and somewhat emotionless until the brutal end. The most color this issue exemplified was in the numerous explosions from Oliver Queen. Moreover, the sharp edges surrounding the characters took off a certain level of realism that this reviewer likes in his comics. Schmidt’s illustrations and colors weren’t awful but they just weren’t as good as the prior installment.


If you’re a huge Oliver Queen fan, DC Vs. Vampires #9 will most certainly be your jam. He’s got swagger, attitude, and an almost John Wick appeal. Mix those characteristics with that of an Old Man Hawkeye veneer, and Green Arrow fans will leave DC Vs. Vampires #9 wanting an ongoing of this version of Oliver. Yet, even with the rousing display by Oliver Queen, the rest of the issue was just ok. Not bad by any stretch… just ok.

Couple this week’s tale with some average renderings that just didn’t deliver like last month and I feel readers will see an average issue with a few peak moments. If you’re already in on DC Vs. Vampires, hang in there and go pick it up. However, if you’re looking to hop on board, this issue wouldn’t be the one to entice you unless you are a Green Arrow fan! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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