DC Vs. Vampires #12 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV & Matthew Rosenberg

Art: Otto Schmidt, Tom Napolitano, and Guillem March

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: December 27th, 2022

The cataclysmic final issue of the bestselling series will end with a bang and a whimper! Green Arrow will lead humanity’s final charge from the blood mines of Smallville. Supergirl’s mission to get off-world comes to an explosive end. And it’s Batgirl versus Nightwing for the fate of the entire planet as DC Vs. Vampires #12 takes a wrap.  readers, the stakes couldn’t be higher as the future of humankind is on the line!

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DC Vs. Vampires #12 finally brings this epic tale to rest… or at least one could assume except for the wonderful dangling plot threads that could spin out into possible sequels in the future. However, what would any good comic story be without the possibility of a sequel? That being said, DC Vs. Vampires #12 finally tries to reasonably drive these three oddly diverse plot threads back together as this story wraps. Nevertheless, I’d recommend keeping those expectations low as the separate plot threads don’t completely jive together which was rather disappointing.

Moreover, I wish Tynion and Rosenberg did a much better job of intertwining these subplots together which in turn would have kept the overall story a bit more clean as it concluded. Nonetheless, fans will probably enjoy the Gotham plot the most due to its possibilities for future stories and unpredictable swerves within the story beats. The story that originally fascinated me the most (The Smallville Angle) was actually the least exciting as the series wrapped and became the most disappointing. Additionally, Supergirl makes it to space to access the sun but ultimately each individual plot thread stays within its own context causing this reviewer to scratch his head wondering what the point of these separate stories really was.

On a more positive note, the Gotham Plot involving King Dick and Babs was well done. Under the surface of the narrative story beats, readers can feel the history and romantic flare mixed with this eerie tone that provides a perfect splash of emotion between the two characters driving a stake through their relationship for good. Additionally, the surprising twist between these two is a true tribute to the writers and the setup they strategically laid out along the way. It was a nice well-laid plan by this creative team that culminates flawlessly as DC Vs. Vampires #12 comes to an end.


While the three subplots may not have connected the way one would have thought, the linework and renderings from Otto Schmidt were spot on. The colors were rich and intense and helped affirm the emotional vibes emanating from the more authentic and harsh scenes, especially the dynamic showdown between King Dick and Babs. DC Vs. Vampires #12 is certainly packed full of action with heavy linework and perfect panel placement that made this issue flow incredibly well. However, readers need to focus on the small little nuisances involving the deep reds and almost burnt oranges that provide this apocalyptic landscape for the story. It’s these small details that truly elevate this issue.


DC Vs. Vampires #12 ends Tynion and Rosenberg’s threefold, simultaneous story by almost maintaining this somewhat awkward distinction between them. Nevertheless, readers do get resolution and the possibility of something to birth from this series in the future. The action is fierce, the deep colors pack some power and emotion, and the characterization adds some serious depth to the series.

That said, the only disappointing aspect of DC Vs. Vampires #12 that seemed to hinder my enjoyment a bit was the disjointed subplots that just didn’t seem to connect as well as I thought they would and should have. Is this a must-buy? Well, by this point, if you’re buying DC Vs. Vampires #12, it’s because you’ve been following along with the series to this point. So, why wouldn’t you just buy the last issue anyway to see how it ends? Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


One thought on “DC Vs. Vampires #12 Review

  1. Lol this ending honestly sucked, no questions were answered-“ Like why do so many heroes turn evil literally minutes after becoming vampires- well it’s a big screw your from the writers as it’s never addressed or given a reason, how did so many characters get turned it’s never shown or explained they just show up as vampires. The whole Super-Girl saves humanity thing went no where, I expected to see her clear the skies and readers rewarded with seeing the sun emerge and enjoy watching the vampires die screaming as they burn death in mass- but no her ending ends with her alive and repowered but then it just ends. The books end makes Barbara Gordon come off as kind pathetic. Also I expected a scene where if they weren’t cured in the end, at the vampire heroes regained their old personalities and became good again- that didn’t happen, characters like Wonder Woman remained stupidly evil for no reason.

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