Darkwing Duck #6 Review

Writer: Amanda Deibert
Art: Carlo Lauro
Publisher: Dynamite comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 28th, 2023

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Darkwing Duck #6 wraps up the storyline with the villainous Dr. Nogood, and also gives us a little background on how he escaped his plight at the end of his Ducktales episode. This issue also shows us the return of Gosalyn’s heroic alter-ego, Quiverwing Quack. We see Darkwing form an uneasy alliance with one of his enemies, and later more Darkwing villains show up, as well as more heroes. It’s great seeing stories featuring a lot of heroes and villains, but in this case, it seemed like that plot point came way out of left field and didn’t connect to the story as well. It was cool to see, but Dr. Nogood ended up being defeated way too quickly. It wasn’t as good of a plot twist. Darkwing’s comment about one of his villains returning seemed to suggest this might be building off of previous Darkwing Duck comics, but that remains to be seen, as no direct references have been made yet to the storylines of those comics.


Darkwing Duck #6 has very good artwork, in keeping with the animation style of the show. There are some instances though where certain characters look a little off compared to how they appeared on the show, but generally it stays true to how they looked on the show. There are a lot of bright colors throughout the story and there’s also a great page featuring Darkwing trapped in a hall of mirrors looking at different sides of his reflection. This could also be meant as a metaphor for his giant ego. The final fight between the heroes and villains is well done, and very reflective of the style of the show as well. Gosalyn’s comment about not having teeth because she’s a duck doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially since Darkwing, Quackerjack and Negaduck are all depicted with teeth here. The only possibility is that young ducklings don’t have teeth in this universe, and grow them in as adults.


Darkwing Duck #6 presents a fun and exciting conclusion to this story arc. Although some of it is a little rushed, it still gives surprises for new readers and longtime Darkwing Duck fans alike. The personalities of the characters shine through each page, especially with Darkwing himself. It shows that despite his egotism, Darkwing still values his family and closest allies.


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