The Scorched #19 Review

Writers: Sean Lewis & Todd McFarlane

Artist: Stephen Segovia

Colorist: Ulises Arreola

Letterer: Andworld Design

Cover Artists: Chris Stevens; Kevin Keane

Publisher: Image

Price: 2.99

Release Date: June 28th, 2023

She-Spawn lies dead. Spawn blames Monolith for her death. Once again, the teammates are at each other’s throats. Can they rally to defeat Gaia’s attempt to extinguish all life on Earth? Let’s descend into The Scorched #19 and find out!

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She-Spawn’s death hits hard. In many ways, she was the heart of this team. She was also at its genesis. Some members—such as Gunslinger—have already departed. Even with Spawn’s leadership, can the Scorched continue without her? Monolith claimed the Planet Eaters were on their way. Scorched #19 asks: what if they’re already here and can take human form? What if they tread the corridors of power? They may not awe like Mandarin Spawn or invoke fear like Urizen. How might such sleeper agents help bring about the apocalypse?

After the slaughter, devastation, and world-shaking events of previous issues, Sean Lewis & Todd McFarlane introduce a new villain. Senator Terminus wields power and charisma and channels blood magic more effectively than the Sycorax. Can the Scorched defend us as ably as the tenth Doctor and Prime Minister Harriet Jones? Those who’ve survived the plagues, wars, and ravaging zombie hordes in recent issues can only hope.


The stately Senator contrasts with his cowering minions while Spawn rages at Jessica’s (She-Spawn’s) death. Medieval gazes upon Spawn as a knight regards his squire. Where is the dragon he flew to this cabin in the woods? Jessica’s daughter glimpsed the confrontation outside. Yet her eyes glow at her grandmother’s call, and she hurries to join her before the television. Why would these two innocents yearn to watch Senator Terminus’ speech when they could gaze out at nature’s beauty? Beyond their glowing eyes, skulls, and chains, bold reds unite Spawn and Medieval in Scorched #19. Orange-red Monolith and gold-and-blue Redeemer contrast with the greens and purples of the forest. Jessica’s mother and daughter clothe and adorn their home in soft pinks and lavenders. Thankfully, the ninth Doctor isn’t watching, or he’d shout, “Mauve Alert!”

Terminus dominates shadowy rooms. Blood—as rich and red as Spawn’s attire—assumes a life of its own. In unguarded moments the Senator’s eyes glow red, revealing something ominous. When he steps onto the stage, lights shine upon his face and body, and streaks of light shine past him. Those standing nearest him look purple in the shadows. The thousands seated around the stadium sparkle like reflecting glass on a shingle beach. As we grapple with She-Spawn’s death, Andworld Design soothes with big uppercase letters in Scorched #19. Monolith is new to the group. Do his sketchy balloon outlines, and huddling italicized letters, suggest he also mourns? The lightning bolt arrows of Spawn’s balloons make his feelings clear. The blood that pumps through our veins—that sustains and energizes us—also speaks. Its white words, surrounded by a white outline in a dark balloon, remind us how it rules—rather than serves—us. Can anyone live without blood?

Final Thoughts

Human or alien, living or spawn, Scorched #19 reminds us that mourning and loss are traits we all share. Meditations on those drawn to power, and Terry Pratchett’s definition of evil, highlight this pause amid the raging apocalypse.


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