Challenge of the Super Sons #3 Review

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi
Art: Max Raynor and Jorge Corona

Colors: Luis Guerrero

Letters: Rob Leigh
Publisher: DC
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 6/8/21
Reviewer: Soycornholio

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Little Wonders:

You know, I thought I have read it all. Superheroes murdering their wives on accident…A princess leaving the royal family…Heck, even the death of a hero once or twice. However, until I read this issue, I have never read a comic in which the heroes are eaten then spit back up again. This (and much more) takes place in Tomasi’s Challenge of the Super Sons #3. Whereas the other issues move at a pretty decent pace and held my attention, I found myself slightly bored this go around. Let’s dive into the latest issue and see what is going on between Superboy and Robin.

*NOTE: The physical copy of Challenge of the Super Sons #3 collects the digital chapters 5 &6*

Back to the Future:

The biggest thing that threw me off in this issue, was the past vs. the present. Normally, if we need some type of backstory, we will have one or two flashbacks, then we’re grounded in the present. The first half of this issue had us squarely in the past. Now, to understand certain parts, you would need to go back to the past. This is where Challenge of the Super Sons slightly misses its mark.

On one hand, the past fleshes out a key moment from issue #2. It also sets up what is specifically going to take place moving forward. On the other hand, it could have had been injected into issue #2 to provide a smoother story telling. Now, back in the present everything is where it should be. The boys are still saving various members of the JLA (shoutout to Hawkgirl for taking a full-on mace to her head) from a certain death. I would have had preferred for us to remain in the present throughout this issue as Tomasi does an AMAZING job with keeping the story interesting in this era.

Final Thoughts:

In Challenge of the Super Sons #3 Tomasi provides a few epic moments. Besides our heroes being swallowed by a magical creature, I enjoyed seeing the duo utilize their respective skillsets. Jonathan is his father’s son through and through (he refused to kill birds with an ancient poison) while Damian embodies the brutal part of Batman. For the first time, I would not recommend picking up this issue and that is ONLY because you will need to have had read the preceding issues to understand what is taking place. Issue #3 is not a good starting place. Now, if you have been keeping up with Challenge of the Super Sons, then yes. Go ahead and pick up this issue.



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