Catwoman #44 Review

Writer: Tini Howard

Art: Bengal, Jordie Bellaire (colors)  

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 21st, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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At the end of the last issue, we saw the debut of Red Claw, a Batman the Animated series villain, to the mainstream DC universe. The character first appeared in Catwoman’s first episode of the show, so it was only fitting they introduce her in a Catwoman story. This version of the character is an assassin for hire, rather than a leader of a global terrorist organization. Catwoman #44 has a Thelma & Louise vibe to it, with an interesting twist. It is fun, but also makes an important point about human nature.


The art in Catwoman #44 is good, but sticklers for details may be annoyed. The most noticeable thing is that Red Claw’s signature tattoo on her right shoulder, which appeared both at the end of the last issue and in Batman the Animated series, is missing here.

That being said, aside from the missing tattoo, the character looks practically identical to how she appeared in the show.  There may even be a slight nod to the pop culture character of Carmen Sandiego with the jacket Red Claw wears. The colors are vibrant and pop off the page. They help set the tone for the story, which is mostly lighthearted and fun.


Anyone interested in a buddy-comedy story between Catwoman and Harley Quinn will love this. If you’re interested in seeing the Batman TAS character of Red Claw being incorporated into the mainstream DC universe, you may enjoy this, but you may also be disappointed to find her having been demoted from terrorist leader to assassin-for-hire. That aside, it is still a great story that many fans will enjoy.


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